Executive Board at the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Denz

© Cornelia Denz

Institute of Applied Physics
Faculty of Physics


  • MExLab Physik
  • MExlab ExperiMINTe
  • students and sustainability
  • experiment-based learning of sustainability
  • Physical environmental experiments
  • Organic Solar Cells
  • Green Photonics

Further Members at the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research

Dr. phil. Thomas Hilker

© privat

Ecumenical Institute
Faculty of Catholic Theology

t_hilk02@ uni-muenster.de

  • Systematic theology in the face of climate change
  • Topological theology of natural and cultural spaces
  • Philosophical foundations of ways of approaching the world
  • Theology in the age of the Anthropocene

Prof. Dr. Anne Käfer

© Bruno Biermann

Seminar for Reformed Theology
Faculty of Protestant Theology


  • Ethics of Justice
  • Animal/ Environment Ethics
  • Reformed and Lutheran Theology
  • Schleiermacher Research
  • Anthropology and Artifical Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Judith Könemann

© privat

Institute for Catholic Theology and Didactics/Religious Pedagogy and Educational Research
Faculty of Catholic Theology


  • Foundation and Justification of Religious Education
  • Extracurricular Education
  • Poverty and Education (Educational Justice)
  • Pastoral Care in Schools and School Development
  • Religion in the Public Sphere
  • Religion and Biography, Studying Biography
  • Group Psychology - Dynamics and Processes in Groups
  • Empirical Theology / Qualitative Empirical Social Research

Former Members at the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research