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Prof. Dr. Tillmann K. Buttschardt

Research Group
Applied Landscape Ecology and
Ecological Planning

Institute of Landscape Ecology
Heisenbergstraße 2, 48149 Münster

Room 419
Phone +49(0)251-83 30 104
Fax +49(0)251-83 38 338
Skype: tbuttschardt
E-Mail tillmann.buttschardt [at] uni-muenster.de

Consultation hours:
during the lecture period: tuesday 10:00 - 12:00 and on appointment

Tasks at the WWU/ department/institute

  • Member of Executive Board of the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research (ZIN)
  • Member of the Brazil Center (WWU) (Centro Brasileiro)
  • Member of the Rectorate commission for internationalisation (WWU)
  • Member of the Citizen Science Working Group (WWU( (CS-AG)
  • Chair treasure commission in the Faculty (WWU, FB 14)
  • Chair of the Examination Board Landscape Ecology (FB14)
  • Vice Member of the Examination Board Water Sciences (WWU, FH Münster)
  • Responsible for ILRIS 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning System, Software 3D Reconstructor (ILÖK), Consideo Modeller-Software


  • Curriculum vitae

    04/2022 Distinguished Visiting Professor  of UAEH in Pachuca (Mexico) (read more)
    2014-2018 Administrative director of the Institute of Landscape Ecology (ILÖK), WWU
    2008    Professor of Applied Landscape Ecology/Ecological Planning (W2), Institute of Landscape Ecology, WWU
    2007-2008 Professor of Landscape Sciences (W2), University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde
    2001-2007 Assistant Professor (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent) (C1) Institute of Geography and Geoecology, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
    2000               Dr. rer. nat. (Geoecology), University of Karlsruhe (TH) Thesis: Extensive roof top greening and nature conservation (KSzGG 13)
    1995-2000 Doctoral studies, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
    1993-2000 Freelancer in Consulting Agencies (Ecological Planning, Environmental Impact Assessments, Mapping, GIS, Engineering) [GfL, ALAND]
    1993     Diploma in Geoecology, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
    1989-90 Paternal leave
    1987-1993 Studies in Geoecology, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
    1966-1987 Born in the wonderful landscape of Upper Swabia, having a cared childhood and adolescence with enriching and enduring encounters


  • Teaching

    winter term 2022/23

    • B 20/B 23/Modul 8 LÖK/Geogr.: V Grundlagen der Ökologischen Planung
    • B 20/B 23/Modul 8 LÖK/Geogr.: Ü Grundlagen der Ökologischen Planung
    • M 1 LÖK: S Einführung in das Masterstudium der Landschaftsökologie
    • M 2 WaWi: S Integriertes Wasserressourcen-Management
    • M4 WaWi: V Lebensader Wasser
    • M 7 LÖK: V Landnutzungssysteme
    • M 7 LÖK: S Methodenseminar Mensch-Umwelt-Systeme
    • S Angroökologie - Permakultur - Tiefe Ökologie

    summer term 2022

    • B10/M12: Exkursion Biosfera Val Müstair/Schweiz
    • B10/M12: Exkursion "von Tieren lernen" Münster
    • B11: Übung Berufliche Orientierung
    • B11: Vorlesung Arbeiten im Natur und Umweltschutz
    • B 23: Übung Ökologische Planung
    • M 7: Portfolioarbeit
    • M7: Projektpraktikum: Den Boden bereiten
    • M 9: Fallstudie 
    • M13: Forschungsprojekt
    • Ergänzungsbereich: Seminar Geosphäre - Biospäre - Noosphäre

    (see  here)



  • Research interests and projects

    • Integrated natural ressources management and ecological planning
    • Detection of landscape changes (UAV, TLS)
    • Transformative aproaches in landscape ecology / resilience of human-environmental-systems /Human attachment to environment/Deep Adaptation
    • Projects see more
  • Scientific activities



    Other proofs of qualification:

    • 1996, 1998   Initiation and organisation of the first and second Congress for Geoecology (GeoöKon) (Karlsruhe, Bayreuth)
    • 2017 Organisation of the IALE-D Annual Meeting Münster Wasser.Landschaft
  • Publications

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    see data base CRIS