of the Resesarch Group Applied Landscape Ecology and Ecological Planning

envisaged graduation
Helena Kass Bachelor of Science h_kass03
Katharina Kerlfeld Bachelor of Science k_kerl02
Alexandra Kolloch Bachelor of Science a_koll06
Anne Kutscheidt Bachelor of Science a_kuts02
B.Sc. Michel Harre Master of Science (LÖK) m_harr05
B.Sc. Laura Hebling Master of Science (LÖK) l_hebl01
B.Sc. Leah Höck
Master of Science (LÖK l_hoec02
B.Sc. Julia Fröhlich Master of Science (Wawi) j_froe07
Hanna Liesenfelder Bachelor of Science h_lies02
B.Sc. Ines Lober Master of Science (Wawi) i_lobe01
B.Sc. Milan Prior Master of Science (LÖK) milanprior[]
B.Sc. Maurice Storp Master of Science (LÖK) m_stor18
B.Sc. Klara Streppel Master of Science (Wawi) k_stre08
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