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Talk and international research on transformation of rural areas

César Soares, Cornelia Steinhäuser und Tillmann Buttschardt presented their paper "Kūmara, Maís and Cassava: Socio-Environmental Inequalities and the Rural Transformation in New Zealand, Argentina, and Brazil" during the 28. Colloquium der IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems (IGU CSRS).
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Position as PhD Research Fellow in the field of nature-based solutions and biodiversity available at NIVA

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New publication:

Staying and/or leaving? View of Nazareno, Argentina
© Cornelia Steinhäuser
How will Nazareno look like in 15 years?
© Cornelia Steinhäuser


de la Vega-Leinert, A. Cristina, Kieslinger, Julia, Jiménez-Moreno, Marcela and Steinhäuser, Cornelia (2021). Young People’s Visions for Life in the Countryside in Latin America. Geographical Review, 1–25. https://doi.org/10.1080/00167428.2021.1925897

Our research brings together perspectives from four independently conducted studies in rural Latin America, namely Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico. We use participatory methods to explore questions about how young people perceive their lives in rural places; what motivates them to leave and/or stay; and how their choices affect their families, communities, and landscapes. Despite the different regional contexts and conceptual framings of our research, we identified many coincidences on our participants’ visions. In particular, hybrid visions, which we named “living in between”, blend aspects of living in rural and urban places and take multiple forms in a continuum and are dynamic in place and time. Our work argues that it is not sufficient to consider young people as critical actors in sustainability transitions. Rather it is key to understand how they individually and as part of a family and community relate to their countryside and see their present life and future. Our research makes a contribution to the field of children’s geographies by exploring how children and young people conceptualise and relate to the rural places they live in, but also to imaginary places where they project themselves in the future, whether these are the current place of living or destinations where they wish to move to.

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