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AG Ökoplan retreat 2019

© AG Ökoplan

On 22 May, the day of biodiversity, the AG Ecological Planning had its retreat at the Wersehaus. Especially the Bachelor students presented their thesis topics there. The number of participants was greater than ever. Qualitatively, the lectures were at a very high level and the range of topics was as great as ever. A fruitful, inspiring and connecting day!

© AG Ökoplan

The efforts of the WFD aim primarily at natural waters, but also man-made waters and streams have a lot to offer ...

Guest Researchers from Brazil

© Sabine Paltrinieri

In April and May the AG Ökoplan is pleased about the visit of three visiting scientists from Brazil. Dr. Dayana Almeida (2nd from left) from the Federal University of São Carlos is working on the project "Delineating Priority Areas for Sustainable Management of the Grasslands from Campos Gerais, Brazil", funded by the Internationalization Fund of WWU. Her research focuses on identifying invasive woody species in the grasslands of Campos Gerais and developing management strategies using GIS and remote sensing techniques. The methodologigal approach is closely linked to the research lines that we followed in the project INSPECTED.NET and the activities of the RG in New Zealand. Ricardo Meireles (1st from left) is a scholarship holder in the BIOBRAS project and works on bird fauna in the grasslands of Central Brazil. He comes from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, and is supervised by Prof. Ricardo Solar (not pictured), who was visiting Münster in May and gave a course from May 13th to 15th in tropical ecology. Also on the picture from l. to r. Prof. Dr. Tillmann Buttschardt, Viola Krone, Dr. Jan Lehmann, Dr. Benjamin Kupilas and Patrick Günner. Sabine Paltrinieri is not in the photo because she was behind the camera.

New Publication: "Recognize the Little Ones: UAS-Based In-Situ Fluorescent Tracer Detection"

© Jan Lehmann

Is it possible to detect traces of fluorescent powder from insects or small mammals using unmanned aerial vehicles?

Students asked themselves this exciting question during the project internship (Master Landscape Ecology in Module M7), which was offered in the summer semester 2017 by Dr. Jan Lehmann and Dr. David Ott. The results of this pilot study have now been published in the international MDPI Journal Drones.

Talk on the annual Bioland Winter Conference

© Cornelia Steinhäuser

Conference: Plastic in nature and environment

8 March 2019, GEO 1, Münster
© T. Buttschardt

The conference aims to provide information on plastic pathways, especially in waterways, but also in other ecosystems and the consequences for nature and the environment. Current solutions for the reduction of plastic and plastic waste are discussed. In a open session current scientific studies and solutions to reduce plastic and plastic waste are discussed. Concrete, innovative projects for reduction and avoiding plastic show up in the 'market of possibilities'.
Programme and registration are available at www.nua.nrw.de, Participation fee: 35 € incl. catering cost

New Article: "Vielfalt statt Einfalt – Wildpflanzen statt Maisanbau"

A new journal article with results of the GrünSchatz-Project was published in "Natur in NRW". Read more...

II BIOBRAS Summerschool Brazil 2019.

© Jan Lehmann / Ricardo Solar

Factsheet "Grünschatz = Blütenschatz?

© Florian Schmutzer