The Center of Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research

Questions of sustainability are often at the forefront of public and academic debate. Economic, social and ecologic sustainability of the world economic system or the implementation of sustainable development goals on the level of the United Nations are only a few current topics. Science cannot ignore the urgency of sustainability and is called on to contribute to the public discourse through analytical, evaluative, integrative and applied research utilizing both normative and empirical methods.

The Center of Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research combines sustainability related research, teaching and consulting in social studies, law, religious studies, and geosciences at the University of Muenster. It serves as a contact point for questions on sustainable development for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Town of Muenster, the media, and nongovernmental organizations.

  1. The Center conducts research and scientific symposiums on a variety of questions relevant to sustainability.
  2. The Center’s faculty teaches interdisciplinary lectures and seminars on sustainability for graduate and undergraduate students.
  3. The Center trains junior scholars to integrate research on sustainability from multiple disciplines.
  4. The Center offers consulting and educational opportunities to governmental, nongovernmental, and corporate entities.