Final theses

Suggested topics for possible theses in sustainability research
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On this page you will find suggested topics for possible theses related to sustainability research that are supervised by ZIN members and staff. If you are interested in one of the topics, please send an email to the respective contact person or to ZIN (

  • Sustainability at weekly markets (Prof. Fuchs)
  • Consumption corridors in the area of housing/food/mobility (Prof. Fuchs)
  • The role of advertising the sustainability transformation (Prof. Fuchs)
  • Humankind and its environment. Ethical considerations (Prof. Käfer)
  • Sustainability through cloth diaper use? - Analyses using the example of the city of Muenster
    • A life cycle assessment of cloth diapers (Prof. Buttschardt)
    • The effectiveness of cloth diaper subsidies by the municipality (Prof. Fuchs)