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Access to All "Nature Branded Journals"

"Nature" and 57 other "Nature" publications are now available for members of our University. Another important effort of the "Licence Committee" to improve access to important academic journals and to strengthen "Open access".

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Getting yourself organised is an essential part of studying. These pages will help you master the challenges of university life. If you have any questions about academic organisation, please contact the Student Admissions Office and the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB). The University of Münster and its central facilities offer students a broad range of academic and study-related services.

Winter 2019/20
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Getting off to a good start

To ensure that no one loses track of things when they start their studies, a website bundles together the most important information for first-semester students.

Winter 2019/20
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Dossier: Sustainability at the University of Münster

Fridays for Future, plastic waste in the oceans, renewable energies – sustainability is a much-discussed issue. We should treat natural resources with care and not live at the expense of future generations. Research undertaken at the University of Münster can make its contribution. In a six-month dossier, we illuminate sustainability in its many facets.

Winter 2019/20
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Junior Researchers

The University of Münster actively supports its junior researchers as part of its academic personnel development strategy. Career counselling and funding opportunities, structured doctoral programmes and qualification measures provide candidates with a more transparent and plannable career path into academia.