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When international artists converge on Münster for the Skulptur Projekte every ten years, the city's cultural life becomes the focus of world attention for several weeks. But in the meantime, Münster is home to an extremely vibrant cultural scene, to which student organisations and the University contribute with their own programmes and events.


The Kulturbüro (Culture and Arts Office) is responsible for publicising and funding cultural events at the University. Every semester it publishes the magazine "UniKunstKultur", featuring news on current issues, upcoming events and cultural groups.  In addition to providing sponsoring, the Kulturbüro also offers advising and PR-support to cultural organisations at the University.

"UniKunstKultur" Magazine
More about the Kulturbüro: getting involved and project funding 
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Amphora on display in the Archaeological Museum
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The University of Münster operates three museums and a large botanical garden. Here you can find an overview of the institutions, their exhibitions, addresses and contact information.

Student orchestra
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The University of Münster boasts a diverse musical programme. In addition to performances by the Münster Academy of Music, students can enjoy and participate in a wide variety of choirs, ensembles and orchestras.

Actors on stage
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Theatre and cinema

If you love filmmaking or theatre, there are plenty of opportunities offered by groups both in and outside the University, from amateur theatre to professional varieté.

Münster Schloss (castle)
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If you're interested in art, culture and history and would like to get to know the University from a different perspective, join us on a tour of discovery! We offer you a selection of art-historical tours through the University campus and its most fascinating buildings.