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Our German-language University newspaper wissen|leben covers a wide range of topics highlighting higher education policies, people, research activities and degree programmes. The newspaper is published eight times a year with a circulation of 7,500 copies. You can  subscribe to receive email notifications for the online edition or to receive it by post .

If you wish to propose a topic, announce an upcoming event, send a letter to the editor, or make a suggestion for improving the newspaper, please notify our editorial staff well in advance, at best several weeks before publication.

Publication dates 2019:

30 January, 3 April, 8 May, 5 June, 10 July, 9 October, 13 November, 18 December

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Wl 2019-06 Titelseite

A new attraction awaits visitors in the Schlossgarten – an approximately one-km “Tree Discovery Trail” which highlights the tree ecosystem in the park and the cycle of life. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the University of Music, we have included a feature page on the faculty’s musical diversity and illustrious history. In the June issue of the University newspaper wissen|leben, sustainability researchers at the WWU present various approaches to reducing the ubiquity of plastic. You will also find a linguistically enlightening interview by the German studies scholar Dr Nils Bahlo on the characteristics of youth slang. Finally, we wrap up our dossier on the promotion of WWU junior researchers with three guest contributors who explain how the Universities of Vienna, Basel and Zurich are supporting talented academics.

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