Recreation, sports and culture - Students in Münster have a wealth of leisure activities to choose from.
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Two students running
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Students and researchers at the University of Münster can enrol in University Sports courses. With about 150 types of sports to choose from, there is something for everyone. You can also participate in one of the many sports clubs in Münster.

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University clubs

At the University of Münster there are numerous clubs and groups that students and staff can get involved in, not to mention various international student groups and religious communities.

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Arts and culture

When the Skulptur.Projekte exhibition is held every ten years in Münster, the city’s cultural life becomes the focus of attention worldwide. But even without this there is a wide range of culture on offer, with museums, theatres, cinemas and music.

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Whether by train or by plane – Münster is easy to reach. In and around town, residents typically use their bicycles.

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