Meeting places

Students at the international centre "Die Brücke"
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Numerous cultural centres and meeting places are available to students and staff of the University of Münster. Not only do they provide advising services, but also a diverse programme of seminars, language courses and events. Their in-house cafés are ideal for meeting friends and making contacts. Furthermore, the University has a wide range of international student communities, clubs and associations.

Die Brücke - Café Couleur
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International Centre: "Die Brücke"

Cultural centre with in-house café and advising services for international undergraduate and doctoral students

"Die Brücke" (The Bridge) is the welcoming centre for international students at the University of Münster. It is a meeting place for those who are interested in exchange, language diversity and intercultural encounters. Its broad range of services includes:

  • Integrative and social counselling
  • Café Couleur, international meeting place and event location
  • Info counter
  • Tandem partners, sports and recreational activities
  • CONNECTA company contact fair
  • Alumni activities

Wilmergasse 2 | 48143 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-22229