Family at University of Münster

The University of Münster was certified as a 'family-friendly' university in June 2008. This distinction honours the University's efforts to make its personnel policies and academic organisation more family-friendly.

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International Families

Accepting a research or teaching assignment abroad can be quite a challenge – not only for the researchers themselves, but also for the family members who accompany them. The Dual Career Service offers professional orientation and (new) career prospects to partners of newly appointed staff. As a family-friendly institution, the University of Münster is committed to helping visiting researchers and their families make their stay a success.

Advising institutions

Further offers

Holiday programmes for children

The Family Service Office organises holiday programmes for children.

Contact: Family Service Office 
More information: Intranet


Family room in the University Library
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Family rooms

The University of Münster provides family rooms, breastfeeding and nappy-changing rooms in facilities all around campus. For example,  at the University Library (see photo).