Studying at the WWU University of Münster
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Before your studies

Where should I study? Why should I study at the University of Münster? What do I have to think about when applying, seeking admission and enrolling? And who can I contact if I have questions? Our services for prospective students provide answers and helpful advice for all those who are interested in studying at the University of Münster.


Name competition for Schlossgarten 3

The building at Schlossgarten 3 will soon offer a wide array of important student services under one roof. Following the renovation and expansion measures, the building will serve as a central, handicapped accessible location for the University’s advice and counselling offices, student service departments and their respective event rooms. The only thing missing is ... a name!

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Getting yourself organised is an essential part of studying. These pages will help you master the challenges of university life. If you have any questions about academic organisation, please contact the Student Admissions Office and the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB).

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Student Admissions Office

The Student Admissions Office can help you with all matters related to applying to a restricted-admission degree programme, enrolling, re-registering and eventually de-registering.


There are forms for student applicants, enrolled students, doctoral candidates and alumni for many different situations, e.g. requesting a leave of absence, confirming doctoral supervision and certifying periods of study. The Student Admissions Office provides the most important forms as PDF downloads.

Student ID card

Every student will be issued a multifunctional chip card starting in the summer semester 2017. The card serves as a student ID, library card, Mensa dining card and copy card. You can find more information about the student ID card here.

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Studying and working abroad (de)

Many students in Münster plan to study or work abroad at some point during their degree programme. On the following pages, you can find more information on the ERASMUS programme, foreign work placements and funding opportunities.

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Earning a doctorate

If you are a graduate student with above-average marks and wish to pursue a doctorate, you can find information here on doctoral study opportunities at the University of Münster here.

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Teaching degrees

At the University of Münster, you can earn qualification for all teaching positions in North Rhine-Westphalia with the exception of special needs education. There are more prospective teachers at the University than the total student enrolment in any one faculty.

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Top-Class Sports

As a partner university in the "Top-Class Sports" alliance, the University of Münster offers a broad scope of sports courses and accompanying consultation services to help students reconcile academic, professional and top-class athletic ambitions.