The SelfService Portal, SelfService for short, is an online service offered by the University of Münster and supports its students in managing their studies.

There, various applications can be made, certificates and the semester ticket as well as the culture semester ticket can be downloaded.

The re-registration is also handled via SelfService.

Click here to go to the SelfService.

  • Which requests can I submit in the SelfService?

    You can submit the following applications in SelfService via the "Requests" tile:

    • Leave of absence
    • De-registration / Cancellation of enrolment
    • Cancellation of one degree programme
    • Change adress*
    • Change of name
    • Change of telephone number*
    • Create a SEPA direct debit authorisation*
    • Preferred faculty / departmental student body*
    • Notice of visits abroad*

    If you want to submit an application, click on "Requests" in SelfService and then on "Create request" (you will find the button at the bottom of the page). Under "Type of requests", select the relevant Request and confirm by pressing the "Submit" button. On the "Request Information" tab, select the information that suits you in the drop-down fields, read and confirm the acknowledgements if necessary. On the "Attachments" tab, please upload any proof that may be required. Click on "Submit".

    Applications that require authorisation will now be reviewed by the Student Administration Office. Please ensure that the application is approved by us within one week. If the application does not receive the status 'Approved' but is 'Provisionally Excluded', please upload a new document if necessary or contact the Student Administration Office.

    Applications marked with an asterisk (*) are exempt from approval and can be submitted without being reviewed by the Student Administration Office.

  • What does it mean when my request status shows "To be verified", "Preliminarily Excluded" or "Approved"?

    To be verified: Your request has been received and is being reviewed by the Student Admissions Office.

    Approved: Your request/ re-registration has been processed and approved. You can now access your updated certificates under the heading request form "Re-registration/ Enrolment".

    Preliminary Excluded: There is something you must do before processing can continue:

    • The full semester fee has not yet been transferred. Your account balance can be viewed on the 'Fees' tab. Once the transfer is complete, it may take a few working days for the payment to be received in the system and for the status to change from 'Provisionally excluded' to 'Released'.
    • We are waiting for you to upload additional documents.
  • Where can I find my semester and study period certificates?

    Entolled students log in to SelfService and click on the "Certificates" tile.

    There, open the field with the respective type of certificate and click on the desired semester. The certificate will now be downloaded.

    The following certificates are available:

    • Semester certificate without student ID number (German and English)
    • Semester certificate with student ID number (German and English)
    • Certificate according to §9 BAföG (only German)
    • Study progress certificate (German and English)

    Further certificates, such as those for lecture-free periods, semester fees paid or certificates for half-orphans' or orphans' pensions, can be requested by email to  Please include your Student ID number.

    Former students may apply for retrospective certificates of exmatriculation and certificates of study duration for the Deutsche Rentenversicherung via the online forms page.

    To receive retrospective semester or BAföG certificates, please send an e-mail to

  • Where do I find my semester ticket and my semester ticket for cultural events?

    You will have access to your semester ticket and your semester ticket for cultural events via the SelfService portal by clicking on "semester tickets" after you have successfully re-registered for the next semester. Your tickets will be made available one month before the next semester begins (beginning of March for a summer semester and beginning of September for a winter semester), provided there is no hold registered for you in the system.

    In case you encounter any problems with the download of your tickets, please try the following:

    • De-activate any pop-up-blockers
    • Re-start your computer
    • Delete your browser history and empty your cache
    • If you use the Firefox browser, try to “recreate your last tab”
    • Try using a diffent device or browser

    For the download of your semester ticket you can also use the direct link of the Deutsche Bahn: Registration is not necessary if you enter all data as it will be stored at the University of Münster.

    In case you tried all of the above and still encounter some problems, please take a screen shot of the error and send it via email to Please make sure to enclose your student ID number.

  • How do I get a new student ID card?

    A new student ID card can be requested via the "Card order" tile in SelfService.

    Select the reason for the issue and confirm the privacy policy. If possible, also select the delivery method and confirm the current address if sending by post. In the event that the reason is "Change of name" or "Defect," only collection is possible, as the old card must be cancelled by us.

    Then click on "Proceed to Photo Upload" at the bottom right. You can now upload the photo using the camera symbol and adjust the size of the image with the mouse. Once the requisite information has been provided, the applicant is simply required to submit the application.

    You can find detailed information about the student card here.

  • Why have I received a hold?

    Holds are being issued by the Student Admissions office in case there are missing documents which still have to be handed in or there is other action required from your side. We therefore differentiate between print stops and a block for re-registration.

    Print blocks mean that your certificates and the semester ticket are only displayed to you when missing documents (e.g. proof of health insurance, certificate of exmatriculation or certified certificates) for enrolment or transfer have been submitted or a necessary change of degree programme (transfer from a completed or expired degree programme to another degree programme) has taken place. As a rule, you will have received a notification from us at the time of enrolment or will have been informed by e-mail about the documents that need to be submitted. In case this did not happen, please contact the Student Admissions Office via and make sure to provide your student ID number.

    A block for re-registration will be issued if, for example, your trial programme has expired, your enrolment has only been temporary or you have successfully completed your degree programme. Generally, under the menu tab "Holds" you can find more information on how to proceed and which further steps are required from your side.

    Please note that if you are "Preliminarily Excluded", this is not considered a hold but a status!

  • How do I set up a SEPA mandate for the semester fee?

    On the Self-Service portal, click on Requests -> Create Request -> Management > SEPA direct debit authorisation. Enter your IBAN and click "Submit". On that page you will find further details on the debiting procedure, how to cancel authorisation and make changes to your SEPA mandate.

  • What can I do if I encounter technical problems or error messages?

    It may happen that the SelfService is temporarily unavailable, for example due to maintenance work by Center for Information Technology (CIT). A corresponding message will be displayed at the login. For more information, please refer to the CIT Service News.

    Other error messages can often be resolved by deactivating your popup-blocker, clearing your cache and restarting your browser, or by using a different browser. If you continue receiving an error message which is not "Invalid access" (in this case, you find further information directly under the error message), please send us an email with your student ID number and a screen shot to

    I use Firefox, and I can't open the "Fees" tab:
    Click on the "Fees" tab with your mouse and then confirm by pressing the Enter key. The tab should open now.

    I use a tablet with an external keyboard, and I can't open the "Fees" tab:
    Even of you work with an external keyboard, you have to activate the tabs via your touchscreen.