After completing your studies, you are obligated to de-register. You can have your name removed from the register of students by submitting a request in person or through an authorised representative (with power of attorney) at the Student Admissions Office. You may submit your request either by post or online via the SelfService. If you decide to send your request by post, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage so that we can send you your de-registration certificate and confirmation of periods of study.

Request form by post

If you have already paid the semester fee, and if de-registration or cancellation of enrolment/re-registration take effect retroactively, you can have the Student Admissions Office reimburse you for the amount upon request no later than 15 May for the summer semester, or 15 November for the winter semester.

Request for reimbursement of the semester fee

Cancellation of a course of study

If you are enrolled for two or more courses of study, it is possible to cancel one (or more) of them at any time. Cancellation can be retroactively effected until midterm. You are, however, not permitted to complete any required coursework or examinations in the respective semester. Cancellation of one course of study does not affect the continuation of your other course(s) of study. You can submit your request to cancel a course of study via the SelfService at Requests -> Create request -> Studies > Cancellation of one course".

Please note the following!

You are personally obliged to de-register from your completed degree programme by the end of the semester in which you receive your degree certificate. De-registration does not occur automatically.

The date of de-registration depends on when you submitted the request and what the reason is for having your name removed from the register:

De-registration can take effect at the end of the semester if you submitted the request by 1 January for the winter semester, or 1 July for the summer semester. Exception: If you provide evidence that you received your degree certificate in the first half of the semester, you may either request to have de-registration take effect retroactively or at the end of that semester.

Retroactive de-registration can only be granted if you submit your request no later than midterm and is only possible if no required coursework or examinations were completed in that current semester. Regardless of whether you receive reimbursement, you may no longer use your NRW semester ticket if you de-register retroactively.

If you are de-registered by the University for failing to re-register, you will receive neither a certificate of de-registration nor confirmation of periods of study.

It is in your own interest to inform agencies and public organisations (e.g. health insurance provider, family allowance office (Kindergeldkasse), BAföG Office, Federal Employment Agency) that you have de-registered as soon as possible.

  • Students of Pharmacy are also required to present a confirmation of release (Entlastungsbescheinigung) by the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Corrensstr. 48, 48149 Münster. (Contact person: Sarah Berling)
  • Students of Music/Music Practice and New Media, Musicology, and Music must present a confirmation of release from the Institute of Musicology and Music Education, Philippistr. 2, 48149 Münster.
  • Students of Didactics of Geography, (Human) Geography, Geoinformatics, Landscape Ecology, Water Sciences and Geospatial Technologies require a confirmation of release (please click on "Exmatrikulation") from the Geosciences I library, Heisenbergstr. 2, 48149 Münster.
  • Students of Dentistry require a confirmation of release from the administrative office (Ms. I. Weers) issued by Prof. Dr. P. Scheutzel, academic coordinator for Dentistry, Waldeyerstr. 30, 48149 Münster.