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Ulysseus European University

The University of Münster is part of the European university network "Ulysseus". The association of eight partner universities has set itself the goal of developing the universities of the future, promoting European values and identity, and improving the quality and competitiveness of European universities.
Ulysseus promotes exchanges between the participating universities at all levels and offers a broad programme for researchers, staff and students.

Connected to the world

Networked with the rest of the world: the University of Münster has an ever-increasing number of international degree programmes and 750 international academics and 3,500 international undergraduate and doctoral students come from 130 countries, characterising the city and university. To further develop internationalisation, the University continues to optimise its international degree programmes, promotes international exchanges for students, academics and staff, and offers students “Internationalisation at Home” courses and workshops, enabling them to gather international experience on-site.

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Studying at the University of Münster

With some 43,000 students, the University of Münster offers the complete range of academic opportunities – from bachelor's programmes to in-service continuing education courses. The University values the close relationship between research and teaching, extensive advice and counselling services and high student graduation rates.

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Information on doctoral study

If you have completed a master's degree programme with above-average marks and are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, you can find information here about your doctoral options at the University of Münster.

International Researchers

The University of Münster is committed to offering excellent research opportunities, high-quality teaching and strong support to its junior researchers. Ensuring equal opportunity for everyone and diversity are also matters of vital interest to the University.

International Office

The International Office advises students, academics and staff who are planning a stay abroad or, vice-versa, would like to stay at Münster University.

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International Events

Here you will find a compilation of current events with an international focus.