International students

International students are very welcome at the University of Münster! Whether you come to study for one semester at the University or to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree – the right information and support for your studies and life in Münster is available for all international students.

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International students

International students wishing to pursue a degree at the University of Münster can get relevant information from the International Centre "Die Brücke." As part of the International Office "Die Brücke" is available to answer questions about studying as well as everyday life, cultural and leisure activities.

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Exchange students

If you're interested in studying at the University of Münster through an exchange programme, such as ERASMUS, you should obtain information about language skill requirements, university courses, credit points and student accommodation in Münster.

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Doctoral students

The University of Münster offers junior researchers and academics numerous opportunities to earn doctoral degrees in research training groups and other PhD programmes. Its commitment to doctoral research speaks for itself: the University of Münster confers around 800 doctorates a year, making it one of the top five institutions in the area of doctoral training in Germany.

International Office

The International Office advises students, academics and staff who are planning a stay abroad or, vice-versa, would like to stay at Münster University.

National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities

The National Code of Conduct was drawn up in the spring of 2010, taking as its model similar documents from the Netherlands, Australia, UK, France, USA, Canada and New Zealand. The aim of the Code is to guarantee the quality of support given to international students at German universities. To this end, the Code formulates quality standards covering information on studying, advice and advertising, admission procedures and measures relating to support and follow-up support.

The Code represents a voluntary commitment by participating universities. The University of Münster signed up to the Code in June 2010. Foreign students can contact the relevant office at their university if the Code is not being adhered to. At Münster University this is the Vice-Rectorate for International Affairs.

National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities