Intercultural training courses

The International Office offers training courses for everyone at Münster University. The courses are free of charge.

Workshops for students

dialogue of the cultures
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Dialogue between cultures – intercultural competence training [de]

It is not uncommon for intercultural encounters to be marked by uncertainty and misunderstandings – despite a fundamental readiness on the part of those involved to show tolerance and understanding. This is why intercultural competence has become a key competence. Please note that this workshop is offered in German.


people forming a house
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Living in a multi-cultural society [de]

Germany is a country which attracts immigrants, and this presents many challenges. It is not only that individual people experience cultural diversity in their everyday life – all institutions (e.g. authorities, welfare organizations, schools etc) are now experiencing how intercultural encounters are making changes to everyday working life. One way of reacting to this new situation is through intercultural opening. Please note that this workshop is offered in German.


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Cultural diversity – taking a closer look at social realities [de]

Our daily lives are influenced by cultural diversity. But what actually is culture? Which cultures do we encounter? And which cultures does each one of us belong to? After an attempt to define “culture”, the workshop deals with cultural diversity in Germany. Please note that this workshop is held in German.

Workshops for teachers and staff

students meeting at a small table
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Working successfully in an international context [de]

What do I do when foreign students don’t answer me directly? How should I react when, for example, a female student doesn’t look me straight in the eye? What should I pay attention to when making a criticism? At Münster University, intercultural competence is increasingly becoming a key competence. Please note that this workshop is offered in German.


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Intercultural workshop Russia

What factors contribute to successful communication and collaboration between German and Russian people? What can lead to conflicts, and how can conflicts be solved? This workshop deals with these and other questions, paying special attention to the university context.
Please note
that this workshop is offered in German.