Information on doctoral study

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Doctoral degree courses

If you have completed a master's degree programme with above-average marks and are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, you can find information here about your doctoral options at the University of Münster.


Structured doctoral programmes

Outstanding junior researchers and academics at the University of Münster have the possibility of earning a doctorate within three years by joining a structured doctoral programme. Applications can be submitted directly to the respective graduate school.

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Application and enrolment

If you are interested in earning a doctorate at the University of Münster, you may submit your own doctoral topic for consideration. Admission to a doctoral degree programme is determined by the corresponding faculty. Accepted candidates are required to observe deadlines and meet specific requirements when enrolling.

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Doctoral funding

Doctoral students can receive financial support from a variety of sources.

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Doctoral study abroad

There are numerous funding programmes for doctoral students at German universities who wish to conduct a research visit abroad. Funding is also available to those who wish to take teaching assignments or participate in advanced training programmes abroad.

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Advice and support

Several offices at the University of Münster provide consultation and support services to doctoral students. Study advisers are available to answer content-related questions. The International Office assists international academics in enrolling. The Student Admissions Office provides help with all study-related administrative and organisational matters.