Information on doctoral study

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Doctoral degree courses

If you have completed a master's degree programme with above-average marks and are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, you can find information here about your doctoral options at the University of Münster.

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Structured doctoral programmes

Outstanding junior researchers and academics at the University of Münster have the possibility of earning a doctorate within three years by joining a structured doctoral programme. Applications can be submitted directly to the respective graduate school.

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Application and enrolment

If you are interested in earning a doctorate at the University of Münster, you may submit your own doctoral topic for consideration. Admission to a doctoral degree programme is determined by the corresponding faculty. Accepted candidates are required to observe deadlines and meet specific requirements when enrolling.

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Doctoral funding

Doctoral students can receive financial support from a variety of sources.

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Doctoral study abroad

There are numerous funding programmes for doctoral students at German universities who wish to conduct a research visit abroad. Funding is also available to those who wish to take teaching assignments or participate in advanced training programmes abroad.

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Advice and support

Several offices at the University of Münster provide consultation and support services to doctoral students. Study advisers are available to answer content-related questions. The International Office assists international academics in enrolling. The Student Admissions Office provides help with all study-related administrative and organisational matters.