Academic administration

The University of Münster provides students with the opportunity to manage their studies independently through an online portal called 'SelfService'. This platform allows students to submit applications and download certificates. Registration requires a university user ID.



Semester dates and deadlines

When do lectures begin, how long are the semester breaks and when do you have to register for examinations? Check out our calendar to find out which dates you should keep in mind during each semester.

Semester fee

Every semester the University of Münster charges students a semester fee. This includes the cost of the semester ticket, the contribution to the Studierendenwerk (Student Support Services) and University Sports, and a supplementary insurance policy for students.

Student ID card

Every student will be issued a multifunctional chip card. The card serves as a student ID, library card, Mensa dining card and copy card. You can find more information about the student ID card here.


At the end of every semester, students are required to re-register if they wish to continue their studies at the University of Münster. You can re-register by simply paying the semester fee.

Changing degree programmes

If you wish to change or supplement your degree programme, you must first re-register for the following semester. Cancelling enrolment in a programme is always possible.

Leave of absence

Students may request a leave of absence if important reasons exist. However, a leave of absence for a semester that has already begun can only be granted in exceptional cases.

Study-place swaps

By swapping places with another student, it is possible to gain admission to a restricted-admission degree programme at a higher semester. Special framework conditions apply.


It is generally possible to request permission to de-register (exmatriculate) at any time. Please note, however, de-registration may take effect either at the end or the beginning of a semester depending on when the request is approved. Furthermore, reimbursement of the semester fee can only be requested within a certain period.


There are a myriad of different forms for many different people – student applicants, enrolled students, doctoral candidates and alumni – and for many different situations, e.g. confirm doctoral supervision or certify periods of study. All important forms are available from the Student Admissions Office in the SelfService or as PDF downloads.