Health insurance for students

Students at German universities are required to hold health insurance during their studies.

The digital transmission of your insurance status by a statutory health insurance company to WWU Münster is required for the enrolment.

  • Statutory health insurance

    In case of a statutory health insurance, you have to request your health insurance company to digitally transmit your insurance status by "Meldung 10" to WWU Münster (sender number: H0001848).

  • Private health insurance, financial assistance eligibility, foreign health insurance

    If you are insured through a private health insurance company, are eligible for financial assistance or hold a foreign health insurance policy, you have to apply for exemption from the student health insurance requirement. For this, you have to provide proof of your private health insurance at a German statutory health insurance company. Subsequently, the statutory health insurance company have to transmit your insurance status digitally by "Meldung 10" to WWU Münster (sender number: H0001848).

    If you are switching from a statutory to a private health insurance, the previous statutory health insurance company is responsible, otherwise any other statutory health insurance company.