If you would like to study at the University of Münster, you must first enrol (matriculate) in your desired degree programme at the Student Admissions Office.

Visit the Student Admissions Office

Restricted-admission degree programmes

You have applied for enrolment in a restricted-admission degree programme and received your letter of admission? After you accept your study place by the given deadline, you can enrol online via the Info Portal.

Non-restricted degree programmes

If you wish to enrol in a non-restricted degree programme, you must first complete and submit an online application form on our enrolment portal. Click here for more information on enrolment deadlines and further instructions.

Returning and transfer students

Are you thinking of changing universities or degree programmes? Do you wish to continue studying after an extended interruption? If so, you can either enrol online or apply for enrolment via the Application Portal.

Required documents

Admission letters, copies of certificates, proof of health insurance coverage... there is a long list of documents that are required for enrolment. Only if you provide all of the necessary documents can we officially enrol you at the University.

Semester fee

All students are required to pay a "semester fee" to the University of Münster. The fee includes the price of the NRW Ticket, the contribution to the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk) and University Sports, as well as a supplementary insurance cover for students.

Student ID card

Starting in summer semester 2017, all students of the University of Münster will be issued a multi-functional chip card. It serves as your student ID, library user ID, student dining card and copy card. Click here for more information about the student ID card.

Enrolment regulations of the University of Münster

The current enrolment regulations (PDF) of the University of Münster are available here as a PDF download [de].