If you wish to enrol as a first-semester or higher-semester student in a restricted-admission degree programme, you must apply for it online.

"Restricted admission" means that only a certain number of study places are available in selected degree programmes. These limits are also designated by the Latin term "numerus clausus" (NC) which literally means "closed number".

The available places of study in restricted-admission degree programmes are allocated differently in the frist and higher semesters.
Information on the Admission procedure
Admission limits

Before applying, please inform about the degree programmes we offer and their corresponding application deadlines.

Application deadlines

Online application

Bachelor's degree programmes and state examination

What requirements do applicants from Germany, the European Union and non-EU countries have to meet? What special requirements apply to candidates of teaching degree programmes? In the following, you can gain an overview of the application procedures for bachelor's programmes and the state examination.

Master of Education

There are several steps to applying for enrolment in a Master of Education programme for prospective teachers. Do you wish to enrol as a first-semester student, or perhaps at a higher semester? In both cases, there are certain requirements you have to meet.

Master's degree programmes (non-teaching)

German, european and non-european applicants have to apply for all restricted and non-restricted master's degree programmes in the first and higher semester. Here you can find all information about the application process for master's degree programmes.

Special cases

Are you a minor, a top athlete or older than 55? You don't have an Abitur, want to enrol in a second degree course or submit a hardship application? Special application procedures apply to candidates who find themselves in special circumstances.

Dates and deadlines

When do candidates from Germany, the EU and non-EU countries have to submit their application documents? In the following, you can find out what dates and deadlines are relevant for your application.


There are certain conditions which determine how study places are allocated in bachelor's and master's programmes, and the state examination. The admission limits (numerus clausus - NC) are adjusted every semester according to the size of the applicant pool.

Financial aid for talented students: ProTalent, the scholarship programme of the University of Münster

ProTalent scholarships valued at 300 euros per month are awarded every winter semester to students of all 15 faculties of the University of Münster. Applications can be submitted online via the ProTalent website in May/June for the following funding year (1 October to 30 September). For more information on prerequisites, funding conditions and application modalities, visit: