Before you begin your studies

There are many things to think about and arrange before you begin your studies at the University of Münster. How do you plan on financing your studies? What kind of accommodation is available? How are you going to get around? Are there support services for students with physical disabilities? If you are a parent, where can you bring your children to have them taken of care during the day? You will find answers to these and other questions on the following pages.

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Costs and financing

A university education doesn't come free of charge. In order to cover university-related expenses and costs of living, students can apply for financial aid (BAföG), a housing allowance and various scholarships. 

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Student housing can be hard to come by in Münster – especially at the beginning of every semester. Whether you're interested in living in a student hall of residence, apartment or a flat-share (WG), the housing market offers a broad range of accommodation.

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Getting around Münster

Whether you travel by train, bus or plane, getting to Münster is relatively easy. But once you're here, you'll find that biking is the number one choice of transportation.

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Studying with a disability

The University of Münster offers a broad range of advice and support services to differently abled students.

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Students with children

Studying can be especially challenging if you have a child to take care of. In the following, you can find information on all support and advice services available to studying parents at the University of Münster.