With over 55,000 students, Münster is one of the largest university towns in Germany. Accommodation is not easy to find because it is scarce and demand is high, especially at the beginning of the semester. Therefore we strongly advise you to start looking for accommodation several months before you arrive in Germany.

Please note: The University of Münster is not a campus university and does not operate its own residence halls.

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Housing for students

There are various types of accommodation available to non-resident students in Münster. In addition to several private residence halls, the Studierendenwerk Münster (Student Support Services) offers furnished and unfurnished rooms to students. Many people choose to live in a "WG" (flat share) and divide the cost of flat rental with fellow students.

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Guest houses for international researchers

Four guest houses are available to international researchers at the University of Münster: the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Haus, the Europa-Haus, apartments on the Germania Campus and the Edith-Stein-Kolleg. These facilities contain approx. 100 flats in various sizes and price categories. 

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Accomodation information from the Münster Wohnungsamt

The Amt für Wohnungswesen (Office for Housing and Urban Development), also called the Wohnungsamt, can answer many of your questions regarding accommodation in Münster.

Other accommodation providers in Münster

Münster's Wohnungsamt provides a list of institutional and private providers of accommodation with whom you can register to find a suitable apartment. Some of these are organised as cooperatives.

Other accomodation in Münster [de]

Accommodation Entitlement Certificate (WBS)

A number of flats in Münster are publicly subsidised which makes them less expensive than average privately-rented apartments. These flats are reserved for those with low incomes and vary depending on the household size and one's monthly earnings.

To be eligible for "subsidised housing", you first have to apply for a so-called Wohnungsberechtigungsschein (WBS). This certificate is valid for one year and contains information about:

  • how many individuals are allowed to move into the apartment
  • the maximum size of the apartment one can receive
  • maximum amount of income one is permitted to earn

The WBS certificate comes with a processing fee which varies according to one's income, but does not exceed 20 euros. Further information on the WBS certificate and application forms are on the Wohnungsamt website [de].

WBS information and application form [de]

Housing allowance

A housing allowances is a public subsidy which offsets the cost of accommodation. Housing allowances can be paid out as rental allowances for tenants of a flat, single room or hall of residence, or as a subsidy for homeowners or apartment-owners.

Housing allowance information [de]

Students are usually not entitled to receive housing allowances. There are, however, exceptions to the rule which the Housing Office can tell you more about. If you are indeed eligible, you can apply for the allowance with the Wohnungsamt. The Wohnungsamt also offers a list of helpful tips for students.

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