Getting around Münster

Bikes are possibly the most important means of transportation in Münster. Thanks to its extensive network of bike paths and streets, Münster is now the bicycle-friendliest city in all of Germany.  You can also get around town in an environmentally friendly way using local public transportation, the Job- and Semesterticket, car sharing and the commuter network. 

Three students with bicycles
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Residents of Münster typically use their bikes to get around – it's no wonder that Münster is widely known as the "bicycle capital of Germany". The Promenade, a tree-lined street that encircles Münster, is also called the "bicycle highway". A wide range of bike paths, bike streets, and so-called "wrong one-way streets", down which cyclists are allowed to ride against the traffic, enable residents to get almost anywhere by bike with little difficulty.

We recommend that you purchase a bike as soon as you arrive in Münster. Because there are so many bikes in town, traffic laws and safety regulations are strictly enforced. If you break the traffic rules, don't be surprised if the police stop you and write you a ticket like any other driver. Whether you rent or use your own bike, be sure that your lights and brakes are always in working order.

NRW Semesterticket

With your Semesterticket, you can take all the buses in North Rhine-Westphalia for free. There is a surcharge, however, for using night buses or taking your bike with you on the bus. The buses always stop at the central train station so that you have connections to other bus routes and to the trains.

Schlossplatz 1 | 48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-22280 [de]

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You can also use your Semesterticket to ride the trains in North Rhine-Westphalia for free. The Semesterticket is not valid on high-speed trains (IC and ICE). The Deutsche Bahn (DB) frequently offers good deals that can save you up to 50% on the ticket price. Students under 27 can buy a Bahncard 50 (50% discount on all fares) for half the normal price.

Overview of the train fares and timetables


Münster-Osnabrück International Airport (FMO) offers direct flights to numerous domestic and European destinations. Münster's city centre can be reached by bus or taxi from FMO in about 30 minutes.

The Münster-Osnabrück airport website


Münster is connected by a number of long-distance coaches (buses). It's possible to travel from Münster by coach to Berlin, Hamburg, Köln and other cities.

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