Housing for students

A wide selection of accommodation is available to those who come to study in Münster. In addition to several privately operated residence halls, the Studierendenwerk offers students a large range of furnished and unfurnished rooms. Many choose to share the cost of a normal flat with fellow students in so-called "WGs" (Wohngemeinschaften, or flat shares). You can find WG offers and classified ads for private flats in various newspapers and websites.

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"Studierzimmer" in Münster campaign

It's not always easy for first-time students to find a place to live in Münster. "Studierzimmer" is a campaign by the University and the University of Applied Sciences, AStAs, the Studierendenwerk and the City of Münster. It helps students find accommodation by putting them in contact with people who are offering flats or rooms to let. In addition to offers by AStA and the Studierendenwerk, the service also includes regional and supraregional online housing exchanges.

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The General Student Committee (AStA) offers a housing exchange for apartment seekers.

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The Studierendenwerk (Student Support Services) operates several centrally-located student halls of residence in Münster. The choices of accommodation range from inexpensive rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms, to fully-furnished one-person apartments. They also offer two- to six-room flats as WGs (flat shares), rooms in an international residence hall, and houses especially suited for families with children.  You can find more information on the Studierendenwerk website.

Studierendenwerk Münster
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Other accommodation providers

Several private and religious organisations in Münster operate their own student halls of residence.  An overview of other providers and a wealth of other information is included on the university's Zentrale Studienberatung (ZSB) [de] (Student Advice and Counselling Centre)  website.

Additionally, a number of fraternities, sororities and student societies provide accommodation to members in their houses.