• Important information for residents in our apartments

    Dear residents of the guesthouses,

    here you can find the current regulations for international researchers from Covid-19 risk areas residing in a WWU guest house.

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Guest Accommodation for visiting academics

There are four guest houses available to international academics visiting the University of Münster – the Alexander von Humboldt House, Europa House, Germania-Campus, and the Edith Stein College. These four guest houses offer apartments with varying sizes and price categories. Most of the apartments are for one or two persons. For families, there are five apartments.

Because of high demand, we ask you to make your reservation as early as possible: application form

If there are no apartments available at the guest houses, please consult our manual.

Be aware, that there are construction works near the Alexander von Humboldt House and the Europa House. While the contruction work is going on there will be noise pollution.

Rental terms and conditions

Please note that the guest apartments can only be rented for a limited time. The maximum is 12 months, the minimum is one month. Apartments can only be rented from the 1st or the 16th of the month. Rental agreements can be terminated with one month’s notice, effective from the 15th or the last day of any calendar month. If a reservation is cancelled less than one month before the beginning of the rental period, a cancellation fee is charged (half a monthly rent).

Please see our list of rental prices [de] for apartments in the Alexander von Humboldt House and Europa House.

For more information, visit the websites of the individual guest houses:

All one-person apartments may only be occupied by one person. In some two-person apartments, additional beds can be booked (children’s travel beds or larger folding beds) depending on availability, so that these apartments may be occupied by a maximum of two adults and one child.

Further information on rental terms and conditions can be found in the rental agreement, which our guests receive – in German – when they move in. If required, an English-language version is also available (for information purposes only).

If you have any further questions, please contact: