• Stay of researchers from risk areas in the guesthouses

    The housing of international guest researchers in the guesthouses is possible again from 18 July 2020, subject to the currently valid entry and residence restrictions. For guests arriving from countries classified by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as risk areas, a 14-day domestic quarantine is mandatory. As the assessments of the RKI may change daily, the day of arrival is considered the basis for assessing whether a guest comes from a risk area and whether the following regulations apply.
    Furthermore, the local health authority* must be notified, by you, within 24 hours after arrival. The health authority can also provide information about the possibility of free testing from the 5th day of quarantine. For the support of the guests, close supervision from the department is essential. The university department or the Institute must inform the guest about the quarantine regulations and give the Welcome Centre the name of a person in charge at least 7 days before arrival (contact details required). This person should be in contact with you, inform you about the regulations during the quarantine period and take care of general necessities (e.g. shopping, waste disposal, laundry, enquiries about the state of health etc.) The Welcome Centre makes every effort to provide you with suitable living space (e.g. with balcony, of suitable size) in the guesthouses. This may mean a higher rent for you in the first month and, after the end of the quarantine period, a move to a smaller apartment originally offered. (This applies in particular to guests who initially reserved an apartment in the Edith Stein College). In general, quarantine accommodation is only possible if a suitable apartment is available.
    The following rules apply to the guests:
    • Entrance to the guesthouse area and the apartment is only possible with a mouth and nose protection-mask.
    • Guests are not allowed to leave the apartment.
    • Contact between guest and staff of the Welcome Centre is only possible by email, telephone, zoom.
    • The use of the common areas in the guesthouse (laundry room in the basement, lounge, community terrace etc.) by the guest is not permitted during quarantine.
    • Minor repairs or defects in the apartment (TV, light bulb defect etc.) can only be implemented after the quarantine-period. External persons may not enter the apartment.
    • There will be no maintenance cleaning by our service staff.
    • No visitors may be received.
    • The rent can only be paid by bank transfer.
    • The loading of the Corona Warn-App of the Federal Government is strongly recommended.


    *The officials in charge are Ms. Prößdorf (Tel. 492 5332) or Mr. Schulz (Tel. 492 5304). These two persons should be notified when guests from risk areas arrive. The notification can be made by telephone or by e-mail to schulzr@stadt-muenster.de . The following information is required:
    • Date of arrival
    • Name, first name, date of birth
    • Address of the current place of residence (guest house)
    • Mobile phone number or telephone number (apartment telephone)
    • Period of stay
    • Country of origin

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Guest Accommodation for visiting academics

There are four guest houses available to international academics visiting the University of Münster – the Alexander von Humboldt House, Europa House, and the Edith Stein College. These four guest houses offer apartments with varying sizes and price categories. Most of the apartments are for one or two persons. For families, there are five apartments. We also offer two disabled-compatible apartments. As there is high demand for accommodation in our guest houses, we recommend making enquiries as early as possible – especially for family apartments.

Because of high demand, we ask you to make your reservation as early as possible: online application form

If there are no apartments available at the guest houses, please consult our manual.

Be aware, that there are construction works near the Alexander von Humboldt House and the Europa House. While the contruction work is going on there will be noise pollution.

Rental terms and conditions

Please note that the guest apartments can only be rented for a limited time. The maximum is 12 months, the minimum is one month. Apartments can only be rented from the 1st or the 16th of the month. Rental agreements can be terminated with one month’s notice, effective from the 15th or the last day of any calendar month. If a reservation is cancelled less than one month before the beginning of the rental period, a cancellation fee is charged.

Please see our list of rental prices [de] for apartments in the Alexander von Humboldt House and Europa House.

For more information, visit the websites of the individual guest houses:

All one-person apartments may only be occupied by one person. In some two-person apartments, additional beds can be booked (children’s travel beds or larger folding beds) depending on availability, so that these apartments may be occupied by a maximum of two adults and one child.

Further information on rental terms and conditions can be found in the rental agreement, which our guests receive – in German – when they move in. If required, an English-language version is also available (for information purposes only).

If you have any further questions, please contact: