Students with children

Students who have children have to be well-organised and very good at multi-tasking. The University of Münster helps student parents clarify financial and legal matters, find adequate childcare services, and locate inexpensive accommodation. The following pages offer an overview of our services.

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Financial assistance [de]

Students with children are eligible for various forms of financial assistance, for example, a reduction of the semester fees. The following pages provide more information about other types of financial aid.

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Legal matters [de]

If you are raising a child while studying, you are legally entitled to certain benefits. These include leaves of absence and special examination requirements. Various facilities at the University of Münster offer advice on this subject.

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Childcare services [de]

An evening lecture, a compact course at the weekend, an unexpected examination – for students with children, good childcare support is especially important.

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Accommodation [de]

The small room in your flat-share won't be big enough once your baby arrives. The Studierendenwerk (Student Support Services) offers reasonably priced flats in Münster to students with children, for example, at Gescherweg.

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Advice [de]

Pursuing a university degree as a student parent is possible as long as the conditions are favourable. Therefore, numerous departments at the University provide counselling and advice to students with children.