Financial assistance

Raising a child while pursuing a degree presents students with additional financial hardships. To ensure sustainable and reliable financing throughout one’s studies, a number of financial aid programmes exist which are especially targeted at students with children.

Info brochure from the Equal Opportunity Office

The brochure “Zwischen Vorlesung und Kinderbetreuung” by the Equal Opportunity Office provides extensive information to student parents about financial assistance available at the University of Münster: statutory benefits, special funding programmes, scholarships and student loans.

BAföG at the University of Münster

In addition to normal BAföG funding, students who are pregnant or who already have children can apply for a childcare allowance from the Office for Educational Support (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) of the Student Support Services as well as an extension to the BaFöG funding period. Click here for more information on BAföG from the Equal Opportunity Office.

Studierendenwerk assistance for student parents in financial distress

The Social Counselling Office of the Studierendenwerk (Student Support Services) can provide assistance to student parents facing financial hardship, e.g. meal vouchers for children, free household items, kitchen utensils, children’s clothes, free meal tickets and loans financed by the Sonderfonds (Special Fund). Contact the Social Counselling Office of the Studierendenwerk for more information on specific services available to student parents in financial distress.

Social Counselling Office for Students
Steinfurter Straße 67
Tel: 0251 – 83 791 67/8


Sozialberatung für Studierende
Steinfurter Straße 67
T: 0251 – 83 791 67/8