Dates and deadlines

The following periods are cut-off dates. Please note that in some cases special periods may apply to foreign applicants. Submission deadlines may also vary for foreign students who wish to apply for participation in an exchange programme. Documents submitted outside the specified periods will not be considered.

Applicants from Germany and EU/EEA member states

Applicants from non-EU and non-EEA member states

Cut-off dates

Cut-off dates cannot be extended. If you fail the enrolment deadline, the enrolment will be denied. In case of enrolment in a restricted degree programme, your admission will be revoked and your study place will be granted to the next candidate on the ranking list.

If a given deadline happens to fall on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it does not extend to the next working day. The deadline always end at midnight on the indicated day. In case of a postal enrolment you can use the "Deadline Postbox" located in front of the Schloss (Schlossplatz 2, 48149 Münster), even on Sundays and holidays, to meet the deadline. Documents posted after midnight are recognised by the "Deadline Postbox" as having been received on the following day.

Deadline postbox 2017

If you send us your documents by post, please remember that it won't reach us on the same day. To meet the deadline, only the date of receipt of the documents at WWU Münster counts, not the day on which you posted the documents. If possible, ask your postal delivery service for a deposit receipt just in case your documents are exceptionally lost.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email after your postal enrolment documents have been received by the Student Admissions Office. Please save this email confirmation as proof of receipt for later reference.