Getting off to a good start

Johannes Wessels, Rector of the University of Münster
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Welcome to the University of Münster!

 I very much look forward to greeting you in person!
As the winter semester approaches, we are all excited to finally see each other again, make new friends and contacts, and get acclimated to academic life on campus. Please help us keep it that way: Get your vaccination unless medical reasons prevent you from doing so. Should unforeseen events force us - despite all our efforts - to restrict in-person instruction again in the winter semester, at least you will benefit from the digital infrastructure and processes we have put in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

All information about the semester schedule can be found on an information page that is constantly updated.

I wish you much success and a good start!

Johannes Wessels, Rector of the University of Münster

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Münster University's first semester welcome at the Preußenstadion

The freshers' welcome will take place on 5 October 2022 at the Preußenstadion. More information on the welcome and the freshers' fair:

The Welcome Event is subject to the provisions of the Coronavirus Protection Regulations (CoronaSchVO). To be allowed into the stadium, you will have to register in advance and present your confirmation of registration at the door.
What to bring (see details below)
  • confirmation of registration (for the admission control)
  • photo ID
  • mask
  • starting at 9:30 am Admission control begins for students
  • 10:30 am Pre-programme
  • 11 am Welcome addresses
  • Welcome programme with presentations by various University organisations and cultural groups
  • 12 pm Information Fair for first-semester students next to the stadium (directions are signposted)
  • 2 pm End of event
We strongly urge you to take your bicycle or public transportation to the event as parking is extremely limited. The bus lines 1 and 9 (P+R Preußenstadion B) and bus line 5 (P+R Preußenstadion C) normally run every ten minutes and take you directly to the stadium.
Admission control/face masks
All first-year students who enrolled at the WWU in the SoSe 2022 or WiSe 2022/23 are invited to attend. We ask you to arrive well before the event begins. In addition to your confirmation of registration, the stadium security team will be checking bags, as glass and alcohol are not permitted on the premises. Music will help make the wait a bit more bearable. To speed up the check-in process, we ask you to have your photo ID and your confirmation of registration from indico ready. To further speed up admission control, we also ask you to refrain from taking large or oversized bags with you into the stadium.
The University of Münster recommends that all participants wear a face mask inside the stadium and during the Information Fair.
  • Beginning your studies during difficult times

    The coronavirus pandemic and the energy crisis confront beginning students with various changes and challenges. To answer your questions, the University regularly updates a web page for all students – including first-semester students – containing the most important information on these issues. We will inform you of any changes via social media. The ways in which introductory events, orientation weeks and teaching take place can vary greatly depending on your course of study. The best thing, therefore, is to consult the websites of your respective institute or faculty. The annotated lecture timetables are also helpful, as they contain detailed information on instruction in its various forms and numerous tips for first-year students.

    Information about the semester


  • Orientation events for first-semester and transfer students

    The faculties of the University of Münster host orientation events for first-semester and transfer students at the beginning of each semester. These are offered as individual information seminars or as part of a larger programme of orientation events. We definitely recommend taking part! The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) can provide you with further details and dates. The central welcome for all first-year students takes place at the start of the winter semester, and first-year students from the summer semester are also cordially invited. Then the first-year students of both semesters also get their "Ersti-Bag".

    Orientation events for first-semester and transfer students [de]

  • Preliminary courses for first-semester students

    The Faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy conduct preliminary courses which help beginning students reach a standard level of knowledge required for their degree programmes. The aim is to make the transition from school to university easier. The preliminary courses usually take place in September ahead of the winter semester.

    More information [de]

  • Search and find

    University map

    Although the University of Münster has no central campus, you can reach most facilities and institutes on foot, by bike or bus. Our University map shows you where each building is located.
    View map of the University of Münster

    Institutions A-Z

    Institutions A-Z is a database of all facilities of the University with their respective contact data. A link redirects you to the institute's corresponding website and another shows you its location on the University map.
    Search for Institutions A-Z

    Person search

    Professors, administrative staff, students – using this database, you can find the email addresses and phone numbers of many members of the University.
    Use the Person search

    Academic organisation

    The student portal MyWWU provides access to essential applications and includes a number of valuable additional features such as a calendar, timetable and news section. Via the LSF/QISPOS portal, you can register (and de-register) for individual courses and their corresponding required assignments and examinations.
    View the course catalogue (LSF/QISPOS portal)
    Visit MyWWU [de]

    Overview of the faculties

    The University of Münster is comprised of 15 faculties. Together they form the structural foundation of the University.

    Accommodation search

    Every student who studies in Münster needs a place to live. While some prefer sharing a flat (WG) with other students , others choose to rent a room in a student hall of residence. You can find offers of accommodation in various magazines and Internet portals.
    Overview of accommodation offers

    Studying with a disability

    To ensure that all students have an equal chance to achieve academic success, we feel it is important to provide consultation which is tailored to students’ needs. In addition to our comprehensive range of advice services, the Disability and Access Resource Centre provides extensive information on handicapped accessibility, technical support and assistance with developing individual solutions.
    More information

    Studying while raising a child

    Students raising a child have to be well-organised and know how to multitask. The University of Münster supports student parents with clarifying financial and legal matters, obtaining childcare and finding inexpensive accommodation.
    Overview of services

    International students

    International students are very welcome at the University of Münster! Whether you come to study for one semester at the University or to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree – the right information and support for your studies and life in Münster is available for all international students.
    Overview of services for international students


  • First steps

    Are first steps always the hardest? Not necessarily! To help you gain orientation at the beginning of your studies, various facilities of the University of Münster provide helpful advice to first-semester students:

    University Library (ULB)

    The University Library (ULB) is one of the central facilities of the University of Münster – a place you are sure to encounter as a first-semester student. Your WWU student ID is also your ULB user card. You only have to activate your library user card once. For an introduction to our libraries and the services they offer, we recommend attending a training session.

    WWU IT

    The WWU IT  is the University's central service provider for communication and information technology. The WWU IT is responsible for assigning University email address to all first-semester students and ensuring that sufficient computer pools are available. The WWU IT also offers software courses.
    Important WWU IT information for first-semester students

    Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB)

    The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) is the place to go prior to and during your studies for information and advice in matters related to choosing, taking up and completing a degree programme. The ZSB staff provide support when dealing with personal, academically-related difficulties, and also offer psychological consultation.
    Visit the ZSB

    My WWU for students

    At Münster University, daily life for students is organized via the students’ portal. This provides access to the applications needed, as well as to additional functions such as diary, timetable and news area. Students can also register for courses on My WWU and access their academic achievements and examination results here. For now, information in the portal is in German only.
    My WWU for students [de]

    University Sports – Keeping your mind on the move

    Academic life can be exhausting and challenging at times. The best way to reduce stress is to take a University Sports course.  The University Sports programme offers a multifaceted, inexpensive, needs-based selection of high-quality fitness opportunities with some 120 different types of sport, tours, continuing education courses, tournaments and international sporting events.
    View the University Sports programme

    Student dining

    There's a saying in Germany that goes "You can't learn well on a full stomach". On the other hand, you can't learn well when you're famished either. At the dining halls (Mensen) and bistros operated by the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk), you will find a wide variety of meals and snacks every day.
    View the menus at the University dining halls and bistros

    NRW Semesterticket

    With your Semesterticket, you can take all the buses in North Rhine-Westphalia for free. You can also use your Semesterticket to ride the trains in North Rhine-Westphalia for free. The Semesterticket is not valid on high-speed trains (IC and ICE).
    Semester ticket

  • Dates

    Orientation events

    The faculties of the University host introductions and week-long orientation programmes for first-semester students. Not only do these events introduce you to the city, but also help you get to know your fellow students. The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) provides an overview of the upcoming events.
    Overview of orientation events [de]

    Preliminary courses for first-semester

    The Faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy offer preliminary courses designed to balance the different levels of knowledge of first-year students. Courses usually take place in September of the respective winter semester.
    Overview of Preliminary Courses for First Semesters [de]

    Semester dates and holidays

    When does the semester begin, when does it end? This is important information for planning ahead.
    Overview of the semester dates and holidays

    Online event calendar

    In our online event calendar, you can find the dates of all upcoming events at the University of Münster, e.g. lectures, conferences, congresses, music performances, plays and sporting events.
    View the event calendar

    University Sport Dates

    There's a lot going on in college sports. Important events or registration deadlines for the sports courses can be found on the university sports page.
    To the university sports calendar [de]

  • Stay in the know

    Exciting things are always happening at the University of Münster. Interesting lectures are held, research findings are presented, new degree programmes are launched, new exchange programmes and courses are offered. If you want to stay on top of things, there are several news and media channels you can subscribe to:

    The WWU Münster on Instagram

    The WWU Münster on Facebook

    WWU Twitter feed

    WWU YouTube-Channel

    WWU Münster news at a glance

    Online event calendar

    In addition, it is worthwhile to have a look at the faculty pages and social media channels of the respective degree programme. In MyWWU [de] you can also create a personalized news feed overview under "News".

  • On the Matter WWU

    The University of Münster officially bears the name Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, or WWU for short. It is named after Wilhelm II, during whose reign the royal academy was elevated to a university again. However, the person and governmental actions of the last German emperor are controversial. Therefore, the university wants to put its relationship to its namesake up for discussion. Under the title "On the Matter WWU" there is a webside on this topic.


Start of studies at Münster University: Orientation events

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Start of studies at Münster University: Timetable

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Start of studies at Münster University: Student card

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