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Overview of all lecture periods, semester breaks, general dates and deadlines for students

Semester dates and holidays

Christmas holidays
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SS 2020 1 Apr. 2020 20 Apr. 2020 2 Jun. 2020 05 Jun. 2020 17 Jul. 2020 30 Sep. 2020
WS 2020/21 1 Oct. 2020 2 Nov. 2020 23 Dec. 2020 6 Jan. 2021 12 Feb. 2021 31 Mar. 2021
SS 2021 1 Apr. 2021 12 Apr. 2021 25 May 2021 28 May 2021 23 Jul. 2021 30 Sep. 2021
WS 2021/22 1 Oct. 2021 11 Oct. 2021 24 Dec. 2021 7 Jan. 2022 4 Feb. 2022 31 Mar. 2022
SS 2022 1 Apr. 2022 4 Apr. 2022 7 Jun. 2022 10 Jun. 2022 15 Jul. 2022 30 Sep. 2022
WS 2022/23 1 Oct. 2022 4 Oct. 2022 23 Dec. 2022 6 Jan. 2023 27 Jan. 2023 31 Mar. 2023
SS 2023 1 Apr. 2023 3 Apr. 2023 30 May 2023 2 Jun. 2023 14 Jul. 2023 30 Sep. 2023

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(Last update: December 2021)

General dates and deadlines

  • Registering for required examinations

    If you wish to take an examination, you must first register for the exam on QISPOS or directly with your Examination Office. If you show up to take an exam without registering beforehand, you may be barred from taking it.

    Information on registration periods, QISPOS and the Examination Offices

  • Re-registration

    In the beginning of the second half of each semester, students are required to re-register to indicate to the University that they wish to continue their studies in the coming semester. You can re-register by simply paying the semester fee.

    More information on re-registration

  • Leave of absence

    You may submit a request to take a leave of absence to Student Admissions Office as long as you re-register no later than the last working day before the beginning of the new lecture period. Taking a leave of absence during a semester that has already begun is only permitted in exceptional cases.

    More information on leaves of absence

  • Changing degree programmes

    If you are granted admission to a new restricted-admission degree programme, you may only switch into the new programme within the period stated in the notification of admission. In the case of non-restricted subjects, you may submit your request to the Student Admissions office, provided you have re-registered for the coming semester no later than the last working day before the beginning of the lecture period.

    More information on changing degree programmes

    Additional deadlines (e.g. for doctoral study after completing your degree programme)

  • De-registration

    As a rule, you may request permission to de-register at any time. Please note, however, de-registration may take effect either at the end or the beginning of a semester depending on when the request is approved. Furthermore, reimbursement of the semester fee can only be requested within a certain period.

    More information on de-registration