Changing degree programmes

Changing, adding or cancelling a degree programme

Students enrolled at the University of Münster who wish to change their enrolment to a restricted-admission programme, or one or more restricted-admission subjects, must first apply for admission. If you want to switch into a non-restricted degree programme, you can change your enrolment status without applying. For more details, click on the section below pertaining to your desired programme.

When you change degree programmes, you are allowed to keep your student ID number and all login data to your University account. Therefore, it is important to re-register early (i.e. pay the semester fee). The re-registration period for the summer semester begins at mid-January, and for the winter semester, at mid-July.

After changing degree programmes, your enrolment certificates are automatically updated on the self-service.

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More information about re-registration

  • Restricted-admission degree programmes or subjects

    If you wish to switch into a restricted-admission bachelor's programme or restricted-admission bachelor's subject, you must first apply via the online application portal. If you receive and accept an offer of admission, we will send you an official letter of notification via our Info Portal the following day. You must then complete the online enrolment process within the period stated in the letter (usually up to a week), at which time you must also indicate the subject you want to give up/keep. You will then receive an enrolment application via email which you are to submit together with additional documents listed therein to the Student Admissions Office.

    To change to a master's programme (non-teaching) or Master of Education programme, you must first apply for admission to the programme by the specified deadline and fulfil the respective admission requirements. This is the only way to change your enrolment to a non-teaching master's programme.

  • Non-restricted degree programmes and subjects

    Changes and additions to existing degree programmes must be requested in person or by an authorised representative. Students must provide proof of identity by presenting either their student ID or an official photo ID (personal ID card, driving licence or passport).  Authorised representatives must likewise confirm that their identity corresponds to the person granted power of attorney in a statement signed by the student.

    As a rule, changes and additions can only be effected following re-registration and no later than the last Friday before the beginning of the lecture period.

    • Changing to a doctoral programme is only possible until 15 May for the summer semester and 15 November for the winter semester.
    • Changing from a teaching degree bachelor's programme to a Master of Education programme is only possible until mid-May for the summer semester and mid-November for the winter semester.
    • Changing to a non-teaching master's programme is only permitted if the candidate has applied for admission within the prescribed application period and has been granted admission to the programme. Otherwise, enrolment in a non-teaching master's programme is not possible.
    • Law students may register for the Foreign Language Training for Lawyers (FFA) programme until the end of April for the summer semester and until the end of October for the winter semester. Candidates must submit the C-Test or letter of recognition (or admission) by the FFA Office.
  • Higher semester enrolment

    To change to a higher semester in a non-restricted degree programme or subject, students must submit a certificate issued by the degree course advisor, confirming recognition of academic achievement (placement). For higher-semester enrolment in a restricted-admission degree programme or subject, students must submit or send all documents listed in the letter of admission.

  • Cooperation students and visiting students

    Students in the cooperative bachelor's programmes BAB or BB who have paid the semester fee to the Münster University of Applied Sciences (FH) until now, and wish to change to a Master of Education programme, must submit their Center for Teacher Education (ZfL) certificate, their bachelor's degree, a de-registration certificate from the University of Applied Sciences and proof of health insurance coverage. Visiting students who wish to change their status to regular enrolment must also submit a de-registration certificate and proof of health insurance coverage.

    More information on health insurance for students

  • Cancelling a degree programme

    It is possible to cancel a degree programme at any time. Cancellation can be retroactively effected until midterm. The student, however, is not permitted to complete any required coursework or examinations in that semester. Concluded degree programmes are not automatically cancelled. In accordance with § 7 (2) of the Enrolment Regulations of the University of Münster, you must request to cancel or change your degree programme, or de-register (exmatriculate) no later than the last day of the semester during which you received your degree.

    Cancellation of one programme does not affect the continuation of your other degree programme(s). You can submit your request to cancel a degree programme either by post or online via the Self-Service portal under "My Applications / Create request / Studies > De-registration".

    Request form by post

    Online request form

  • Required documents

    Whenever we ask you to submit written applications or requests, you must also provide a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage so that we can send you confirmation of your requested change, new semester certificates (if necessary) and return your submitted documents.

    If you have completed the degree programme in question, please include an authenticated copy of your degree certificate.

    If you wish to change to a doctoral programme, please submit confirmation of doctoral supervision or the letter of admission from the doctoral examination board or dean of the corresponding faculty.

    More information

    Students who wish to cancel enrolment in any of the following subjects are required to present or send a confirmation of release (Entlastungsbescheinigung) from the respective faculty/institute.

    • Pharmacy (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Corrensstr. 48)
    • Music/Music Practice and New Media and Musicology (Institute of Musicology and Music Education, Philippistr. 2)
    • Didactics of Geography, Geography, Geoinformatics and Landscape Ecology (Geosciences I adm. office, Heisenbergstr. 2, Rm. 3)
    • Dentistry (available from the administrative office (Ms. I. Weers) issued by Prof. Dr. P. Scheutzel, academic coordinator in Dentistry, Waldeyerstr. 30, 48149 Münster)

    Request form by post

    Online request form

    Confirmation of release from the Faculty of Geosciences [de] (then click on "Students")