Doctoral enrolment

If you would like to earn a doctorate at the University of Münster, you will likely have to enrol in a doctoral programme first. The duration and length of enrolment is stipulated in the doctoral examination regulations of your desired programme. For more information, you can enquire at the responsible doctoral examinations office [de] or the Dean's Office in your respective faculty.

To begin the enrolment process, complete and send us the online enrolment form (see link below) for doctoral programmes. We will then send you an enrolment application by email. Print out the application, sign it and send it back to us, along with all of the required documents provided therein. Confirmation of doctoral supervision or an admission letter from the doctoral examination board is a prerequisite for enrolment. Candidates are also required to submit all requested documents in full and observe the prescribed deadlines.

You may enrol for the winter semester from the beginning of August to 15 November and for the summer semester from the beginning of February to 15 May.

Online enrolment form for doctoral programmes

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