Required documents for enrolment

The following documents are required for enrolment from first-time students, transfer students, returning students and students who wish to enrol in a new programme.

  • For locally restricted-admission degree programmes: printed and signed application of enrolment (written-form), along with the letter of admission  OR
  • For non-restricted degree programmes, continuing education programmes and doctoral programmes: printed and signed enrolment application  
  • Authenticated copy of your university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate)
  • For locally restricted-admission degree programmes: authenticated copy of your certificate of service (recognised service performed at a recognised organisation for at least six months)
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (a copy of your insurance card does not suffice as proof)
  • For students who have previously completed periods of study: certificate of exmatriculation and certicate confirming periods of study (including total university semesters, degree programme semesters and leaves of absence)
  • If applicable, authenticated copy of certificates from past degree programmes issued by universities or universities of applied sciences (intermediate and final examinations)
  • For enrolment at a higher semester in a non-restricted degree programme: proof of completed semesters of study in the same degree programme or certificate from a degree course advisor recognising past academic achievement (placement)
  • For doctoral programmes: confirmation of doctoral supervision as provided in the enrolment application, or letter of admission from the doctoral examination board
  • For teaching degree programmes in Sports, Music and Musical Practice/New Media: confirmation of degree programme-related aptitude issued by the respective faculty of the University of Münster
  • For continuing education programmes: certificate from the faculty/department offering the continuing education programme
  • For written-form applications of enrolment: a self-addressed, stamped envelope (DIN A4)
  • Certificate confirming a change of surname (e.g. marriage certificate) if some of your submitted documents bear your former surname

International first-time students are required to submit additional documents (for example, copies of their passports) or present them in person. You will receive more details about these requirements in your enrolment notification.

If you fail to provide all of the required documents, we will not be able to enrol you. Only in exceptional, justified cases can we enrol students on the condition that they hand in a missing document at a later time.