Admission-restricted degree programmes

To be eligible for enrolment, you must have applied, been admitted and accepted the study place on time.

Enrolment procedure:

  1. Your admission letter, including the enrolment deadline and other information, is available in the info portal of the application.
  2. You perform the online enrolment in the info portal of the application (button: Online enrolment).
  3. You will receive an email with your enrolment form, your enrolment number and important information about the further necessary steps.
  4. You log in the info portal of the enrolment and make the required uploads.
  5. Your enrolment will then be reviewed by the Student Admissions Office:
  • if your enrolment has been conducted, you will receive an email with information on how to proceed


  • if your enrolment is still incorrect/incomplete, you will receive an email about the changed enrolment status. You will immediately log in the info portal of your enrolment and make the missing uploads

Procedure after successful enrolment:

(You will also find this information in the email you received from the Student Admissions Office after your enrolment has been conducted.)

  1. You log in the infoportal of the enrolment and have your enrolment confirmation sent to you by email (button: Send enrolment confirmation).
  2. The enrolment confirmation contains your Student ID number, information on any documents that may need to be submitted, the next steps and the start of your studies.
  3. About a week after the enrolment, you will receive the letter with your University ID, instructions on how to pay the semester fee and information about your student ID card by post.
  4. Only after the semester fee has been received (account balance is cleared) your enrolment will be approved in the SelfService and no blocking notes are active (due to documents to be submitted later) you will be able to download your semester and BAföG certificates and the semester ticket from the SelfService.