Admission-restricted degree programmes

To enrol in an admission-restricted degree programme, you have to apply in due form and on time, have been admitted to the programme and have accepted the offer of admission by the given deadline.
Information about application requirements
Information about the admissions process

The enrolment process

  1. Your letter of admission with the enrolment deadline and other important information will be available in the Info Portal.
  2. Login to the Info Portal and enrol online (button: ENROLMENT).
  3. After submitting your data, you will automatically receive your official enrolment form via email.
  4. Send the enrolment form along with the requested documents listed therein to the WWU by the deadline indicated in your letter of admission (based on the date of receipt on the postal stamp!)
  5. Confirmation of receipt will be automatically sent to you when your enrolment documents arrives but will not include information about whether the enrolment is complete.
  6. As soon as your enrolment is processed, you will automatically receive another email confirmation.
  7. Your documents will be returned to you with a letter indicating whether additional documents are required.
  8. About a week later, you should receive the letter with your central WWU user ID, instructions on how to pay your semester fee and information about your student ID card.
  9. Only after the semester fee has been received by the WWU (i.e. your account balance is zero) your enrolment will be approved in the SelfService portal. Enrolment remains “temporarily blocked” until one day after your balance is settled. As long as there are no other blocks on your enrolment (e.g. if certain documents are missing and still need to be submitted), you will be able to download your semester certificates and the semester ticket from the SelfService.