Non-restricted degree programmes (bachelor's / master's programmes)

To enrol in a non-restricted degree programme, you must first provide us with your application data via the enrolment portal. We will then send you an enrolment application as a PDF by email. Print out and sign the form and then send it back to us by post along with any other requested documents by the indicated deadline. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive your application.

A few days after enrolment, we will send you information concerning payment of the semester fees.

Online enrolment

Enrolment deadlines

Change of course study

If you are already enrolled at WWU Muenster and want to change your course of study to a non-restricted degree programme, you can do this in person until the last working day before classes start at the Student Admissions Office. In order to do so, you have to re-register for the next semester first! To change your course of study, please bring your student ID card and, if possible, your degree certificate.

For some degree courses it is mandatory to hand in a confirmation of release (Entlastungsbescheinigung) when you want to change your course of study. For further information, please visit here.

Higher semester enrolment

If you want to change your course of study to a higher semester in a non-restricted degree course, you must submit a certificate issued by the degree course advisor, confirming recognition of academic achievement (Einstufungsbescheinigung).

This document is not necessary if you have already studied the same course of study you want to enrol for at WWU at another German university (i.e. you want to continue your studies after a break or change universities). In this case, please submit a certificate of de-registration that provides your semester studied (Fachsemester) in the respective course of study.


Law students may register for the Foreign Language Training for Lawyers (FFA) programme until the end of April for the summer semester and until the end of October for the winter semester.

In order to enrol, candidates must submit the C-Test or a letter of recognition (or admission) by the FFA Office. The enrollment can be requested in person, through authorized third parties, by post or by email to from the university email address, indicating the student ID number.

Please remember to de-register from this programme at the Student Admissions Office after you have completed it (or you want to quit).