Student Admissions Office

In order to limit contact and prevent possible transmission of the coronavirus, the Student Admissions Office is closed until further notice. Although we will not be accessible in person, we will still work on your requests, applications etc. as usual.

FAQ coronavirus: please see below

You can contact us anytime via email at or
via our telephone hotline: +49 251/83-20001
(during the hotline operationg hours Mon - Thu: 9.00 am - 9.30 am and 3.00 pm - 3.30 pm and Fri: 9.00 am - 10.00 am)


As a student at WWU, you can submit various requests through your SelfService. Here, you can also download your documents as well as your NRW-semester ticket.

Questions around leaves of absence, de-registration (exmatriculation), certificates, student IDs, re-registration, enrolment in a non-restricted degree course and doctoral programmes for prospective students from Germany and EU/EEA states and foreign applicants with a university entrance qualification and/or a university degree from an EU/EEA state (BildungsinländerInnen), guest students, visiting students

Surname A - Ep, Julia Platte +49 251/83-22338
Surname Eq - Jur, Dana Reinermann (Mondays and thursdays) +49 251/83-22245
Surname Jus - Mulk, Damian Bredehöft +49 251/83-22238
Surname Mull - Schus, Christiane Bastian +49 251/83-24750
Surname Schut - Z, Kerstin Scholle +49 251/83-22246

Questions around applications and enrolments in restricted bachelor's degree programmes, in state examinations and in Master of Education programmes

Sonja Malkemper +49 251/83-21395
Marina Krebs +49 251/83-21394
Marion Heines +49 251/83-22239
Katrin Schepers +49 251/83-22122
Siegmund Lopacyzk +49 251/83-22205

Questions around applications and enrolments in master degree programmes (non-teaching)

Catrin Diebäcker +49 251/83-22235
Tina Engelmann +49 251/83-21449

Questions about applications and enrolments in Bachelor's degree programmes, in state examinations, doctorial programmes, the preparatory language course (DSH preparation) and direct DSH for foreign applicants with a university entrance qualification from non-European countries

Olaf Rehwinkel +49 251/83-22237
Monika Heitkötter +49 251/83-22234
Simone Olbrich +49 251/83-24772

FAQ regarding the coronavirus

Last update: 25 November 2020 (11.25 a.m.). The FAQ are updated regularly.
  • Will the deadline be extended for Bachelor’s students who wish to register for Master’s programmes in the summer semester?

    Due to the current situation, the University will allow students to provisionally register for Master’s degree programmes in the summer semester 2021 after they have successfully applied and have been admitted to a Master’s degree programme. This means that the deadline specified in your admission letter will not be extended. If you do not have your Bachelor’s degree certificate yet, you can register for your Master’s degree programme by presenting confirmation that your Bachelor’s thesis has been handed in or accepted OR a certificate (e.g. transcript of records) showing that you have completed at least 140 credits. In addition to that, please hand in a short note where you describe why, as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, you were unable to receive your Bachelor’s degree certificate in time. Under these conditions, an exception will be made to allow you to hand in your Bachelor’s degree certificate by 30 Sep. 2021 at the latest. If you fail to present your Bachelor’s degree certificate by then, your registration for the Master’s degree programme will be cancelled as of 30 Sep. 2021.

    If you are unable to take a postponed Bachelor’s examination for the winter semester 2020/21 by 15 May 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the University will allow you to be registered in both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme simultaneously in exception to the rule. External applicants can register at the WWU as visiting students (Zweithörende), provided that their home university agrees.

  • The examinations which were supposed to be administered in the current semester are postponed until next semester. Can I deregister now nonetheless?

    No, this is not possible. You have to be enrolled to sit for examinations. If this is why you have not re-registered for the summer semester yet, you will have to do so immediately. Please provide the date when your exam had originally been scheduled on your request for de-registration.

    Transfer students: Please contact your future university to negotiate extending the deadline for submitting your de-registration certificate.

  • In case I cannot provide all required documents within the application period, what do I have to do?

    Please apply with all documents that you have accessible. In case you are missing a crucial document that you could not obtain as a consequence to the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, please provide a declaration explaining this, or upload this declaration in your Infoportal. We will check all respective cases in order to decide whether they can still be considered for admission or not.