Student Admissions Office

In order to limit contact and prevent possible transmission of the coronavirus, the Student Admissions Office is closed until further notice. Although we will not be accessible in person, we will still work on your requests, applications etc. as usual.

FAQ coronavirus: please see below

Contact via phone

Questions around leaves of absence, de-registration (exmatriculation), certificates, student IDs, re-registration, enrolment in a non-restricted degree course and doctoral programmes, guest students, visiting students

Tel.: 0251 83 -24750 or
-21317 (Tuesdays or Fridays)
-22245 (Monday or Thursdays)

Questions around applications and enrolments in restricted bachelor's degree programmes, in state examinations and in Master of Education programmes Tel.: +49 251 83-21394 or
Questions around applications and enrolments in master degree programmes (non-teaching) Tel.: +49 251 83-21449 or
Questions around applications and enrolments for the preparatory language course (DSH preparation), approval for direct DSH Tel.: +49 251 83-22237 or


As a student at WWU, you can submit various requests through your SelfService. Here, you can also download your documents as well as your NRW-semester ticket.

FAQ regarding the coronavirus

Last update: 26 Mar. 2020 (7 am). The FAQ are updated regularly.
  • Will the deadline be extended for bachelor's students who wish to register for master's programmes in the summer semester? 

    If you are unable to submit your bachelor's certificate by the given deadline as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Münster will extend the deadline in an unbureaucratic manner.

  • I cannot obtain the authenticated copies needed for admission because the responsible agencies are closed. What should I do?

    Given the present circumstances, we will accept normal copies of your documents in exception to the rule. You can send us the originals or authenticated copies at a later time before the semester ends.

  • The examinations which were supposed to be administered in the current semester are postponed until next semester. Can I deregister now nonetheless?

    No, that is not possible. You have to be enrolled to sit for examinations. If this is why you haven't re-registered for the summer semester yet, you will have to do so immediately. If you decide to retroactively deregister by 15 May 2020 (effective 31 March 2020), then your semester fees will be reimbursed to you even if you have taken an examination.

    Transfer students: Please contact your future university to negotiate extending the deadline for submitting your deregistration certificate.

  • Will I still receive my BAföG payments despite the postponement of the summer semester?

    Yes, because the postponement officially represents an extension of the lecture-free period during which you remain eligible for financial aid. For more details, visit the website of the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk).

  • What else is changing because of the postponement of the start of the new semester?

    For one thing, requests for taking leaves of absence can only be submitted online via the SelfService portal until 19 April 2020. Those who still haven't re-registered for the summer semester 2020 can do so until 19 April 2020.

  • I received a leave of absence to complete a stay abroad or work placement for the summer semester 2020, but now it's been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. What can I do? 

    Send us an email with your student ID number, requesting cancellation of your leave of absence ( In exception to the rule, the Student Admissions Office will process the cancellation non-bureaucratically, i.e. without any proof or certificates from your side.

  • I requested reimbursement for my semester ticket because I thought I would be going abroad. Can I reverse my decision and get a replacement?

    Yes. Send us an email with your student ID number ( and we will then send you the payment details. As soon as payment is received, the Student Admissions Office will activate your semester ticket.

  • Officially authenticated copies / Preliminary authenticated copies for the District Council (Bezirksregierung)

    In order to issue an officially authenticated copy, the Student Admissions Office requests the original document and a copy of the respective document.
    Since the Student Admissions Office is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we kindly ask those students who urgently need an authenticated copy (which cannot be postponed) to proceed as follows:
    Please put your document(s) and a short message with your request for an officially authenticated copy into an envelope, and drop it into the white deadline postbox outside the Schloss. Please address the envelope to:

    Studierendensekretariat WWU Münster
    Schlossplatz 2
    48149 Münster

    And don't forget to include your return address! If you cannot drop the envelope off in person, you can also send us your original document(s) by post at your own risk. After we have issued your officially authenticated copy, we will mail it to your provided address. You can pick up your original document(s) from Studi-Info at the Student Admissions Office after it has reopened. To verify your identity, please bring your passport or national ID card. We will only send your original document(s) back to you by post if you submit an explicit written request to do so.
    Normally we do not advise students to send their original documents by post (things do occasionally get lost). Therefore, carefully consider whether sending your documents by mail is absolutely necessary, or whether your request might be delayed until the Student Admissions Office is open again.

  • Will the application period for admission to the winter semester 2020/21 begin in early May 2020?
    Will the application deadlines be lifted/extended?
    What should I do if I cannot obtain all the relevant documents/information within the application period?

    As things presently stand, the announced application deadlines remain in place. Please apply online within the given deadlines and upload all the available application documents/information you have. If application-relevant documents become available after the deadline because of the coronavirus pandemic and through no fault of your own, we will decide on a case-by-case basis whether you may participate in the application procedure retroactively.

  • How can I change my course of study into a non-restricted degree course?

    If you are already enrolled at WWU and want to change your course of study into a non-restricted Bachelor’s-, Magister’s (Theol.)- or PhD-degree course, please send us an email after you have re-registred for the next semester. The said email should contain your student ID number, what course of study you are enrolled for at the moment and which one you want to have it changed into and, as an attachment, your documents as pdf-files (if required).
    In case you want to change into a restricted course of study, you have to do this per post after you have received an admission for the respective degree course you applied for.