Doctoral Studies Programs in Psychology

(Dr. rer. nat. / Dr. phil.)

You would like information about doctoral studies in psychology or you are thinking about enrolling? In this case, see the doctoral guidelinesfor the Department of Psychology and Sport and Exercise Sciences.

You are a doctoral student studying under the guidelines for the title of Dr. phil. in Psychology from the Philosophical Faculty of Humanities? Read here for further details.

Doctorate in Education Sciences

(Dr. paed.)

Students who are pursuing their doctoral degree in Education (Dr. paed.) and who wish to attend lectures or seminars in psychologie or eventually receive credit in such courses should contact Prof. Dr. Manfred Holodynski in order to arrange an initial consultation to this purpose. It is our goal regarding this initial consultation to help doctoral candidates in education choose suitable courses within our department, on the basis of each individual's foundational knowledge in psychology and with specific relevance to the candidates intended dissertational topic of research.