Studies in Psychology
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study Programs

Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

The bachelor’s is a three-year (six-semester) study programme, which leads to the first career qualifying degree a student can receive in his or her academic career. The undergraduate study programme conveys the scientific foundations, methodological competencies, practice-oriented content, and core skills that constitute interdisciplinary and inter-occupational qualifications. For more information see B.Sc. Programme.

Master of Science in Psychology

The two-year Master of Psychology builds upon the Bachelor of Science in psychology and thus constitutes a deepening of academic studies in the field of psychology. The students can choose between four different fields of specialization:

Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology

Cognitive Neuroscience 


Personnel and Business Psychology

Certain criteria must be fulfilled for admission to the master’s programme. Click here to download the Admission requirements (for M.Sc. in Psychology).

Promotion/Doctorate in Psychology 

The Department of Psychology and Sport Studies can award the academic title “Doctor of Philosophy” (Dr. phil.) or “Doctor of Natural Science” (Dr. rer. nat.) on the basis of a significant, scientific achievement (research dissertation or ‘Doktorarbeit’). Through the completion of the doctoral programme, the candidate should demonstrate his or her ability to conduct independent, scientific research above and beyond the general aims of academic study. A doctoral degree in psychology takes on average between two to five years to complete. For more information see Doctoral Studies...

Psychology Studies for Students of Other Subjects

Psychology in Teacher Education

Several modules in psychology are offered for students in programmes for teacher education. These courses and seminars are organized by the Institute for Psychology in Education and Teacher Training  [de].

Psychology as a Minor

Depending on the subject major or specific field of study, it is possible for students of other departments to study psychology als an external module or as a minor subject. More information...