Organisational Structure of the Department

Organisation of the Department

The Department of Psychology and the Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences are teamed together in Department 07 der The University of Münster. The general administration of the department is organized by the Adminstration Office of Department 07, known as the Dekanat ('Dean's Office'), which together with the department management. The Dekanat can be found in Fliednerstr. 21 (Room 1 b/c). Directions (by car or public transport) and a map can be found here.

The Administrative Office for Sport (Horstmarer Landweg 62b) is responsible for the organization of studies in Sport & Exercise Sciences.

Departmental Structure

The Department of Psychology is divided into two main Institutes:

As part of our internal services, there are also several Departmental Support Facilities (support offices, counseling and psychotherapy ambulances) that offer a variety of helpful services for students and staff of the department. Guests from outside the university (e.g., organisations, school multipliers or those seeking psycho-therapeutic counsel) can also find several support and counseling offers among our department's services. Find out more...

The Department of Psychology also has its own Examinations Office: Prüfungsamt (Orléansring 10).

Directions: Instructions for how to find the institute and a map for visitors is available here.

The building: Here is information on the management and opening hours of the building.

Kunstwerk Psybib _bei Schulze 2012
„P SYSYPP S YP P“ by A. K. Schulze, 2012
© Foto WWU Münster

Allgemeine Informationen zum Fach

Read a brief overview of the history of the Department of Psychology at the University of Münster and learn more about the contemporary art that you can discover in the building of the institute at Fliednerstraße(see link above).