Further supportive units (also cross-department)

  • Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt I)
    The Examitantions Office I is responible for the central administration of exams, bachelor's and master's theses etc. in the main-course of Psychology (B.Sc., M.Sc., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. phil.).
  • Evaluation team
    In order to assure a quality education in our department, teaching, testing and study evaluations are held at regular intervals.
  • Ce.LEB
    The Ce.LEB focuses on applied developmental and educational-psychological studies, with a special emphasis on the transfer of scientific findings into practice and the public.
  • IT & Computer Support (IVV 5)
    The IVV5 is responsibe for all questions concerning computer and information processing in Department 7, 10 and the Office for University Sports. Their area of exptertice ranges from giving advice to everyday problems which may arise during the use of the campus computers to the purchasing and installation of hardware and software or even help with the financial planning of compurchases.