Central Organisational Units

  • Library of Psychology
  • Ambulance for psychotherapy (PTA)
  • Consulting and Training for Organisations (BFO)
    The BFO (abbreviation for "consulting and training for organisations") is part of the Department of Psychology and the chair for Work & Business Psychology at the University of Münster (OWMs). It's aim is to act as a link between science and practice. Through a close, cooperative exchange between partners from the business and management sectors, we work to realise an intense exchange between various organisations (businesses, management firms, clinics, etc.). In this manner, the BFO fosters the current state of research outside of the university and helps partners to conduct projects (also at the international level) in order to solve specific organizational problems.
  • Technical Services
    This unit offers central services for the institutes and other units of psychology. These services are offered by an electronics research and repair centre, an audio and visual equipment centre and a software development centre.