From Internet-based teaching materials to e-testing – the University of Münster supplements traditional study and classroom instruction with an extensive digital e-learning programme for students and professors.


Most subjects supplement classroom instruction with additional materials through the e-learning management system Learnweb. Like classroom-based courses, the online courses allow students to access additional learning materials, presentations or scripts. Furthermore, Learnweb offers a series of tools which enable users to communicate, organise and create their own interactive and collaborative learning opportunities.


Videotaped lectures are also offered in conjunction with the Learnweb. Professors can record their lectures on request and integrate them into Learnweb courses for their students.


The E-testing Support Service provides assistance with testing procedures at the University of Münster. It advises and supports instructors with administering computer-based "electronic" tests. The advantage of e-testing is that it requires shorter correction times, is less expensive and allows students to obtain their results faster. The savings in time and energy can be more effectively put to use in classroom instruction, making e-testing a viable supplement to traditional paper-based examinations.

E-tutorials at the ULB

The University Library (ULB) has created a number of e-learning tutorials – or e-tutorials – on a broad range of subjects. University intranet users also have access to over 7,000 German- and English-language online tutorials.