Costs and financing

A good education costs money, and so does a university degree. Nonetheless, financial need should not pose an obstacle to gaining an education at the University of Münster. The following pages contain information on the expenses of university study and various consultation and support services available at the University:

Semester fee and cost of living

Although the University of Münster doesn't charge tuition fees, all students are required to pay a "semester fee" for student-related services. On top of that, there is monthly rent, insurance, groceries, learning materials etc. If you study at the University of Münster, you will need sufficient resources to cover your cost of living and other expenses.

BAföG – Financial aid from the German government

"BAföG" is the abbreviation for the German Federal Training Assistance Act. This law states that anyone who wishes to pursue higher education in Germany is entitled to financial aid from the state if they (or their parents) cannot cover the cost of university study themselves.


There are many organisations in Germany which award scholarships to students and doctoral candidates on the basis of various criteria. Almost all scholarship providers wish to support responsibly-minded young adults. Candidates are expected to demonstrate excellent academic achievement and civic commitment (e.g. community, church or political involvement).

Part-time jobs

Lots of students take part-time jobs during their studies for a variety of reasons, e.g. to augment their monthly budget or to gain professional experience. There are many jobs in Münster which are ideal for students.

Student loans

In addition to BAföG, scholarships and part-time jobs, students have the option of financing their studies with various types of student loans. Not all, but many lenders offer loans to students of all nationalities.

Reducing your costs of living

There are many ways to cut back on day-to-day expenses. As a student, you can receive discounts on purchases online and at retailers in Münster. In some cases, students can apply for a municipal housing allowance to help cover the cost of rent.

AStA Social Counselling Service [de]

Students can turn to the AStA Social Counselling Service for financial problems and receive support there in emergency situations, for example from the Crisis Fund of the University of Muenster.