Examinations Offices act as state authorities responsible for administering state examinations, as well as bodies of the University (examination committees, Dean's Offices) responsible for administering university examinations. The examination committees and/or Dean's Offices are in charge of ensuring compliance with the examination regulations. This entails organising the examinations and recognising or accrediting academic achievement.

Examinations Offices

You can obtain information about the examination modalities of your degree programme from your respective Examinations Office. Students are generally required to register for examinations within a prescribed period.

Examination regulations

There are different examination regulations for every degree programme. You can obtain the examination regulations for your degree programme from the Examinations Offices or the online Study Guide, provided by the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB).

Observing the rules of good scientific practice

The University of Münster and its Examinations Offices pay very close attention to whether theses and examinations adhere to the rules of good scientific practice and persistently investigate cases of attempted fraud and plagiarism. In your own interest, we urge you to read the information on the topic of "plagiarism" for students, doctoral candidates and post-docs.


If you should encounter any problems or have the feeling that your examinations were not corrected or announced on time, you can contact the central Complaints Office. The staff there is happy to address any criticism, comments and complaints you have with regard to teaching and academic organisation.