The University of Münster and its central facilities offer students a broad range of academic and study-related services.



In addition to traditional teaching and learning methods, the University offers students and teachers an extensive range of digital services, from online instruction materials to electronic tests.

Special courses and training seminars

The University offers students a diverse array of special academic programmes and events. These range from subject-specific lectures, General Studies courses, foreign language instruction at the Language Centre and software training seminars at the ZIV – Centre for Information Processing.

Academic administration

Students at the University of Münster are permitted to manage the details of their study place themselves to a large extent. This requires a certain degree of responsibility, but also offers greater flexibility. 

Advice for first-semester students

Everyone wants to get off to a good start, but does it have to be so hard? Not necessarily! To ensure that you don't lose orientation at the beginning of your studies, various University departments provide an extensive range of help and services to first-semester students.