Academic events

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Electronic course catalogue

All courses offered at the University of Münster are listed in the online course catalogue (LSF/QISPOS Portal). You can also register to attend courses and take examinations via the Portal. However, if you wish to take an oral final module examination, you normally have to register in person at the respective Examination Office.

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By logging on to the LSF/QISPOS Portal, you can view all of your previously completed coursework and examinations in your degree programme. If you have questions on how to use the software, please call our support staff at the LSF/QISPOS hotline +49 (0)252 83-20101, or by email at

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General Studies

The General Studies programme provides students with career-related skills in various competence areas. The General Studies courses are listed in the electronic course catalogue.

Courses offered by the Language Centre

The Language Centre is the central facility responsible for all language-related courses at the University of Münster. Actively involved in research and teaching, the Language Centre offers a broad spectrum of general and subject-specific foreign language courses.

Software training seminars at the CIT

The CIT offers compact, easy-to-understand training seminars, tailored to the needs and prior knowledge of the participants. The courses are free, cover more than 20 different topics, and are regularly offered to students and doctoral candidates at the University several times a year. 

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Senior Guest Programme

The "Senior Guest Programme" is a continuing education programme for inquisitive middle-aged people and senior citizens. The participants in our "Senior Guest Programme" are not so much interested in pursuing a professional goal, but rather wish to deepen their personal knowledge of various academic and scientific topics.