Software Courses

All Courses are held in German language.

Service: In the CIT software training courses, you will acquire practical skills and structured knowledge for software products that are relevant for your studies and career start. 

Target Group: students, PhD candidates

Usage Costs: free of charge

Course Management: My Software Courses [de]

Contact: software.schulungen@uni-muenster.de

Course Registration

Starting on Thursday April 25th, 5pm, you can register for the next software training courses during the lecture period on the following pages. The dates will take place from the end of April to June.

  • About the Course Formats

    We offer the following training formats:

    • Zoom Courses (3-hour Zoom conferences, practical exercises with video inputs supervised by instructors)
    • Learnweb Courses (about 4 hours of self-study over one week with video inputs and supervision of practising by instructors)
    • Classroom courses (4-hour training sessions with tutor-led input and practical exercises in the computer lab.)
    • Self-study courses (about 4 hours of flexible self-study without supervision by instructors)

    For more information on our training formats, please refer to our FAQs. We also refer to the LinkedIn Learning video platform, which offers numerous video tutorials for the acquisition of software skills, especially in English.

    T&C / FAQ Online Courses:
    T&C (Online Courses)
    FAQ (Online Courses)

    T&C / FAQ Classroom Courses:
    T&C (Classroom Courses)
    FAQ (Classroom Courses)

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